House of Dark Shadows
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Professor T. Eliot Stokes: Vampirism is not a disease, Julia. Vampires are the living dead.

Roger Collins: Alright, Loomis, you can pick up your pay in the morning.
Willie Loomis: Alright, I'll get my pay, in the morning-but I'll get a lot more than that... before then.

Professor T. Eliot Stokes: What about the others - and the death of Carolyn Stoddard? Are we simply to forgive and forget those merely because you're attempting to cure the monster responsible?
Dr. Julia Hoffman: He is not a monster.

Carolyn Stoddard: We were all very surprised that you've decided to settle in Collinsport.
Barnabas Collins: When you know me better, you won't be.

Willie Loomis: The Madonnas rest high above / The lion's head watches the dove / And in the womb beneath the hill / A blazing light grows bright and still.

Barnabas Collins: Every wedding needs a witness. And you will be witness to this one.

Professor T. Eliot Stokes: Julia! You're in love with him! Well, I pity you.

Dr. Julia Hoffman: Barnabas, your face.

Professor T. Eliot Stokes: If I told the police that the creature they're looking for lives by night, and sleeps in a coffin by day... they might question my sanity.

Barnabas Collins: You went to her, and tried to warn her about me! You betrayed me, Willie.

Revealing mistake: When Willie is hit in the back by the bolt from Jeff's crossbow, the outline of the packing material used to catch the arrow is visible under his coat. (01:32:00)

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