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Duke of Wellington: Next to a battle lost, the saddest thing is a battle won.

Lord Gordon: Good beans, Wellington.
Duke of Wellington: If there is anything in this world about which I know positively nothing, it is agriculture.

Mulholland: We're doing murder, your grace.
Duke of Wellington: I hope to God... that I've fought my last battle.

Napoleon Bonaparte: Cross the river. Tomorrow we will dry our boots in Brussels.
Michel Ney: God willing, sire.
Napoleon Bonaparte: God? God has nothing to do with it.

Napoleon Bonaparte: Never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake. That's bad manners.

Napoleon Bonaparte: I can't believe my ears! You all stand before me waving a piece of paper crying 'Abdicate, abdicate!' I will not! I will not, not, not.

Lord Uxbridge: By God, Sir. I've lost my leg.
Duke of Wellington: By God, Sir. So you have.

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