The Out of Towners

The Out of Towners (1970)


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Gwen Kellerman: Why... why didn't we just stop and explain?
George Kellerman: Explain? What I'm doing in the bushes with a little boy? With my hands in his pockets? They'd give me 10-20 years.

George Kellerman: 37,000 policemen in the city of New York! Not one'll come out in the rain.

George Kellerman: You chased a dog and you beat a horse. You're stronger than you think.

George Kellerman: I was going to take you to dinner at one of the best restaurants in the world. Here you are eating peanut butter on white bread with nothing to drink. If you ever get your mouth open again, I wouldn't blame you if you never talk to me.
Gwen Kellerman: Oh my God.
George Kellerman: What's wrong?
Gwen Kellerman: I lost my left eyelash.

Gwen Kellerman: George, what are we doing wrong? We can't ride, we can't walk, we can't eat, we can't pray.
George Kellerman: Well, we can think. As long as we got our brains, we can think.
Gwen Kellerman: Oh, they'll get that too, George. You'll see.

George Kellerman: And you're not getting away with anything! I got all your names and your addresses.

Gwen Kellerman: George, I can't walk and you can't carry me. And there are no buses, or taxis, and no car is going to stop to pick up bleeding strangers.
George Kellerman: It's not safe in the park at night.
Gwen Kellerman: We have already been robbed and kidnapped. We have nothing to lose but four cents. Please, George.
George Kellerman: Suppose it rains again?
Gwen Kellerman: I am so wet now, it can only make me drier.

George Kellerman: Is there anything wrong? I mean, it's over 35 minutes now.
Airline Stewardess: I imagine we've run into some bad weather.
George Kellerman: You don't have to imagine. Just look out the window.

George Kellerman: Oh, please, please if there's any justice let Murray get mugged by the man who took my watch.

Continuity mistake: When Jack Lemmon and his wife Sandy Dennis are driving in their car on the way to the airport, you see a very different scene out of their rear window than you see when they show the outside of their car.

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