Rio Lobo

Rio Lobo (1970)


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Dr. Jones: Mr, UH?
Cord McNally: Doesn't matter.
Dr. Jones: Well, Mr Doesn't matter we ought to give them one last good yell, they usually yell a lot when I give them a shot of this.
Cord McNally: YOW! That's the real stuff.
Dr. Jones: Well, if you had been a good enough actor I wouldn't have used it.
Cord McNally: Cord McNally.

Amelita: Turn around Sherriff, I want you to see who's gonna kill you.

Cord McNally: Oww, take it easy.
Phillips: Stop your squawking, you ain't hurt.
Cord McNally: Scatter gun is useless.
Phillips: You don't mind if I shoot do you? Makes me feel better.

Phillips: Don't you worry Ketcham: You're gonna be the first to die.

Sheriff 'Blue Tom' Hendricks: I should've taken you this morning.
Cord McNally: You should'a tried.

Cord McNally: Do you think you could sneak up on the fella at the gate?
Phillips: I could sneak up on a coyote if I've a mind to.
Cord McNally: Did you get that fella at the gate?
Phillips: He's at another gate now, lookin' fer Saint Peter.

Cord McNally: I'm Cord McNally. Didn't Tuscarora tell you about me?
Phillips: Cord McNally? Yeah, he sure did! And I ain't gonna repeat what he said.

Cord McNally: Ketcham, we promised you in a trade. But we didn't say what condition you'd be in.

Factual error: So the Civil War ends, and the colonel heads for Texas. It must have taken close to a decade to arrive there, for when he rides into Blackthorne, Texas, he's packing a Model 1873 Colt, and a Model 1873 Winchester.

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