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Corrected entry: Shasta, as they prepare to take the wagon down to the Phillips ranch house, makes the statement, "One little kiss and the balloon goes up," a phrase sources indicate was first used in WWI.

Correction: The phrase "The balloon's gone up" originated in the American Civil War, with Prof. Thadeus Lowe's observation balloon 'going up' prior to Union attacks for scouting purposes. Thus, the phrase 'the balloon's gone up' came to mean that an attack was immediately pending, as the balloon had been spotted aloft.

Corrected entry: The Duke knocks the bad guy about in his ranch house. He ends up on the floor with his legs ablaze from a fallen kerosene lamp. When they walk outside after his confession the bad guy's trousers are unmarked.

Phillip Churchfield

Correction: In that next scene we see Sergeant Major Gorman threading a belt through his trousers. He's obviously changed his pants (although putting pants over burned flesh should have been incredibly painful).

Factual error: As the colonel and his companions ride out of Blackthorne, Texas, they pass Saguaro cacti, which, oddly enough, only grow in the Sonora Desert, a far distance from Texas.

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Cord McNally: Oww, take it easy.
Phillips: Stop your squawking, you ain't hurt.
Cord McNally: Scatter gun is useless.
Phillips: You don't mind if I shoot do you? Makes me feel better.

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