Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
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Dingle: Wiggle my ears and tickle my toes, methinks I see a baby's nose! It's more than a nose. There's a whole baby attached to it. Better call my brothers! Wingle! Bingle! Tingle! Zingle.
Zingle: What is it, Dingle?
Wingle: It's a baby, Zingle.
Tingle: A baby what, Wingle?
Bingle: A baby baby, Tingle.
Dingle: I like babies, Bingle.
Bingle: Our baby's the best baby of them all, Wingle.

Burgermeister Meisterburger: This is outrageous! Toys! Toys everywhere! What sort of criminal is this Kringle, sneaking into houses at night? I hereby decree that all the town's doors and windows be locked tight against this prowler.

Jessica: Oh, Mr. Warlock.
Winter: Uh, Winter, please.
Jessica: You must help me stop Kris. Please, use your magic.
Winter: Oh... alas, I've been... disenchanted. I have no more powers. I can't even do card tricks.
Jessica: Oh! That's terrible! What shall we do?
Grimsley: Nobody is going to do anything! You are all under arrest for defying the law and making toys! And for being an accomplice to Public Enemy Number One: Kris Kringle.

Winter: You mustn't mind the tree monsters. Their bark is worse than their bite. Ha ha ha ha.

Narrator: So you want to know all about Santa, huh? Best place to start is at the very beginning, when Santa was just a little baby.
Little Girl: You mean Santa was once... a baby?
Narrator: Of course! Everybody has to be a baby at least once in their lives. Now this was years and years ago. Oh, way back.

Kris: You better watch out, better not cry, better not pout.
Children: Why?
Kris: I'm telling you why.
Children: Yeah?
Kris: 'Cause I came to town. And look what I brought.
Children: Toys.

Burgermeister Meisterburger: Toys are hereby declared illegal, immoral, unlawful and anyone found with a toy in his possession will be placed under arrest and thrown in the dungeon.

Factual error: A toy modern four-door automobile and a clear plastic ball can be seen as the children play when the Burgermeister comes in on his wheelchair. Both unlikely for a story set (presumably) in the 1800's, at the latest.


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