Best animated movie stupidity of all time

How to Train Your Dragon picture

Stupidity: During one of the test drives, the hook that Hiccup uses to fasten himself to Toothless gets bent, so he takes Toothless to the blacksmith to cut the line. There are two ways he could have easily avoided this: He could just unhook the saddle, take that to the blacksmith and cut himself loose, or he could just untie the leather strap. What he does here is needlessly risky and just there for his awkward conversation with Astrid.

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Toy Story 2 picture

Stupidity: Al is supposed to be a super serious toy collector and seller, but he handles valuable toys without cleaning the cheese puff dust off his hands.

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Finding Dory picture

Stupidity: Long after the Marine Life Institute has closed for the night, the recording of Sigourney Weaver welcoming visitors is still playing.

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Over the Hedge picture

Stupidity: RJ goes through this complex plan of getting Hammy to avoid the lasers so he can then turn them off...why not just get one of the gang to go around the house from the front yard?

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs picture

Stupidity: Why doesn't everyone just throw the unwanted sardines into the ocean if they don't want to eat them? They're fish.

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Suggested correction: Two things; One, they're dead, and two, before Flint's machine started working right, nobody had anything else to eat. It would be pretty stupid to get rid of your only food source. Also after all this, Brent and Flint's dad were the only ones that actually liked sardines, so it would make sense for some of them to stick around.

Norm of the North picture

Stupidity: In a flashback scene, a mother, father and daughter are taking pictures of Norm and two other polar bears. The daughter decides to run up to the three polar bears, but the parents appear to do nothing about it. The polar bears could have been a threat to their daughter for all they knew.


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