Peter Pan

Corrected entry: When Wendy walks the plank, she is some distance from the water. Yet a few minutes afterwards, when Captain Hook throws Starkey overboard, Starkey hits the water quicker than Wendy would have, and the splash can be seen over the side of the boat, whereas with Wendy, no splash would have been visible.

Correction: Would haves and could haves don't make a mistake. You can't compare something which did not happen to something which did happen. Bottom line is Starky landed in the water and Wendy didn't.

Corrected entry: Although Peter is right handed, he wears his scabbard on his right hip. It's extremely dangerous to draw from the same side as your stronger hand, even with a fairly short knife. Strangely, the only time we actually see him draw his knife, it has swapped to his left hip and he draws it across his body correctly.

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Correction: Just like Bobby Driscoll, who was modeled and did the voice for Peter Pan, we only see Peter draw from his right side. Even if it is dangerous there is no adult to tell Peter that, so it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: From Peter's first entrance on the rooftop till about halfway through the nursery scene, his individual teeth are visible in closeup facial shots. But starting at about the line "But that would mean no more stories.", he's no longer drawn with individual teeth - -just an expanse of white when he opens his mouth, giving him a much less threatening appearance. Hard to believe that it was intentional. A change of artists, maybe?

Correction: He was drawn that way to make him look more mischevious, for the same reason that he was drawn with a shadow covering his eyes, making him resemble a masked bandit.

Corrected entry: When we first see the pirates, they're throwing knives at the 'Cap'n' drawing on the door. You can see two knives already in there, then you see two people throw knives in the door, but when you see the door again there are only three.

Correction: Smee opens the door and a knife flies over him.



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