Peter Pan

Trivia: The tune played whenever the crocodile approaches originally had lyrics. The song was titled "Never Smile at a Crocodile".

Trivia: Disney's Peter Pan was the first Peter Pan ever to be played by a boy. Traditionally Pan had always been played by women.

Trivia: Many people believe that Marilyn Monroe had the body that Tinkerbell's curvaceous one was based on, but it wasn't, it was actually based on actress Margaret Kerry who auditioned for the part.

Trivia: Following tradition, the same man whose voice is Captain Hook's is also Mr. Darling's. Since the very first showing of Peter Pan, the same actor who plays Captain Hook also plays Mr. Darling.

Trivia: Peter Pan was the first story to ever use the name Wendy. There was no record of any girls in the world ever being named Wendy before the book.

Trivia: In front of the Darling House in London, a cluster of trees form a "Hidden Mickey."

Trivia: A hidden Mickey can be seen behind Captain Hook's chair when he gets sick.