Peter Pan

Continuity mistake: In the duel at Skull Rock, after Peter leads Captain Hook onto thin air, Hook drops his sword and scrambles to grab hold of the cliff again. But when we see Hook's reaction to the approaching crocodile, you can see his sword back in its sheath.

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Continuity mistake: After the mermaids splash Wendy with a ton of water, her hair is wet and you can tell because it is sort of hanging down and drooping. Then they cut away, then when they cut back to Wendy, her hair is perfectly dry.

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Continuity mistake: As Peter Pan flies up to get his hat back from Captain hook in Skull Rock, he stops in midair and has a shadow, and then the picture changes to Wendy, who then says, 'whew' and then it changes back to Peter and he doesn't have a shadow.

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Trivia: Disney's Peter Pan was the first Peter Pan ever to be played by a boy. Traditionally Pan had always been played by women.

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Trivia: The tune played whenever the crocodile approaches originally had lyrics. The song was titled "Never Smile at a Crocodile".

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Trivia: Many people believe that Marilyn Monroe had the body that Tinkerbell's curvaceous one was based on, but it wasn't, it was actually based on actress Margaret Kerry who auditioned for the part.

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Question: Why do the other pirates bully Smee? What do they have against him?

John Ohman

Chosen answer: He's too much of a bumbler and too cheery (for example when he tells the crew "good morning" and they wanted to know why it's so good.) They probably also see him as a fool and brown-noser since he's always trying to make Hook happy. To the crew he's just Hook's assistant and not a real pirate at heart.