The Chipmunk Adventure

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where the Chipmunks and Chipettes are singing the song "Girls of Rock and Roll." In that scene, it shows the boys walking up the stairs together and from left to right the order is: Simon, Alvin & Theodore. The shot goes to the girls then back to the guys. The order of the guys has switched: (left to right) Theodore, Alvin & Simon.

Continuity mistake: When the Chipettes are in Switzerland, they put a Brittany doll on the chairlift and take a Jeanette doll. However, when Klaus and Claudia were explaining the rules, they said that once each team deposited a doll, they would receive a doll of the opposing team.

Continuity mistake: During the "Girls of Rock N Roll" part, at one point, Jeanette and Eleanore do a ballet twirl together as they say, "Yeah we're the girls of rock and roll-la!" If you look, Jeanette's hair flickers from a redish brown color, to a duller brown right after they say "roll-la" dramatically. Not only does it not have anything to do with the spot light, but it's quite noticeable.

Continuity mistake: During the time the chipmunks arrive at Athens, Theodore sees the man with the food cart on his left and gasps. He then sneaks over to the food cart. If you notice the man while he's doing this, he is standing, looking straight ahead. But when Theodore begins to order, the man then turns to Theodore as if he was looking to his side. He couldn't have turned directions that quickly if Theodore had ordered immediately.

Factual error: Hot Air Balloon's have no lateral control. They fly in the direction the wind is blowing, so it's rather impossible for two hot air balloon's very close to each other to be flying in different directions, let alone fly exactly to the desired locations.

Audio problem: After the "Off to See the World" part, it shows Klaus and Claudia in the pool. The waiter tells Claudia that there's a long distance phone call for her from Europe. "Wonderful!" Claudia says, and she slides off her raft and while she makes her way out of the pool, accidentally drops water on Sophie. The dog freaks out, trying to paw the water off her and Klaus snickers at her. After the shot of snickering Klaus, it shows Sophie turning her head towards Claudia and you could hear her bark. However, she does not move her mouth as if she's barking and the barking noise sounds quite perky.

Continuity mistake: When the race begins, and Simon has to hold onto the bottom of the balloon basket, they are just at the top of trees - crashing into them. But when Theodore tells Simon he should get in, the aerial shot of Simon shows them quite high above the tree tops. In the next shot, they're crashing into treetops again.

Continuity mistake: When the girls make their first stop in Bermuda and they go scuba diving, they each grab a blue-grey scuba tank. But when they are under water Eleanor's tank turns purple, then magenta. It remains magenta until they are out of the water, when it returns to its original colour.

Continuity mistake: During the "Rock N Roll" musical scene, the girls begin their part and they run up the stairs. Then they say, "Cuz we're the girls of rock n' roll!" While Britany says "Woo-hoo!" to Alvin, she moves her hips forcefully, making her skirt fly up and it reveals that her underwear is over her panty-hose. However, later when the chipettes march up higher stairs in the spotlight, Britany's underwear is visible again and it is now seen to appear under her panty-hose.

Continuity mistake: When the Chipettes are first dressed up in the Arabian outfits, Janette has earrings that are squared at the bottom. When she catches up to Elenore and Brittany after the snake song, Janette's earrings are round. After they are all back in the balloon, they are squared again.

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Suggested correction: Eleanore was the one wearing the earrings and Jeanette was with Brittany.

Plot hole: Although it is explained how the chipmunks were able to get away with the balloon race by tricking Ms. Miller, wouldn't Ms. Miller know that the chipettes were in on the balloon race? Especially considering the fact that she is their guardian? Also, why would she offer to babysit the chipmunks if she has chipettes to look after herself? Despite this, the chipettes were never brought along to Dave's house with Ms. Miller. And what is Ms. Miller still doing in Dave's house if she thinks the chipmunks are with Dave? Unless maybe she's taking care of the house...

Continuity mistake: Claudia loses her right shoe when she falls down the luggage chute, but in a quick shot soon after, on the baggage claim, you can see her with both of her shoes on. After that it stays off until her car crashes and you see her right leg stick up with the shoe on it.

Continuity mistake: After Klaus flicks water on Sophie during the pool scene, Sophie tries to get revenge by poking a hole in his raft. As she does this, the raft loses air and starts blowing around all over the pool. Klaus is yelling quite loudly and at one point, he crashes. The whole time, Claudia has been on the phone and has not heard all this chaos happening, but was able to hear her dog whimpering. Because it is harder to hear someone over the phone than someone in real life, it doesn't make much sense.

Deliberate mistake: While the rock n' roll musical is ending, it shows the hot air balloons in the background and it shows Dave up close. He talks to himself confused, trying to figure out if he really saw his boys there or not. But if not being able to notice, wouldn't he at least hear them singing in the background as well as we can? Also, before, while Alvin and Britany were dancing together, he was trying to get to them before the two bad guys could, as if he knew for sure they were his boys and that those guys were out to get them.

Continuity mistake: While the chipmunks arrive in Mexico, Alvin is instructed to drop off his chipmunk doll under the purple sombrero at the "Cluck N Taco." After he does this, the sombrero takes the chipmunk doll away and replaces it with a chipette doll. Alvin sees it and says, "Well, what do you know?" If you look at Simon, he's standing right next to Alvin, but a about a second later, when Alvin removes the doll and says, "One gal and eleven to go." Simon is suddenly farther away from him and Theodore is in fact closer to Alvin than Simon was.

Continuity mistake: While the chipmunks are in Athens, at one point, Alvin begins to hum to himself and decides to steal an apple from the wooden box. However, when it first shows Alvin trying to grab the apple, both his hands seem to be gripped completly around the fruit, making it impossible for Britany to be able to have the same grip as Alvin without touching his hand (and realizing it) and vice-versa. And of course, it doesn't show her hands at first, unless this apple is enormous. Which is another problem; it seems to grow much larger in the next shot. Also, the apple changes from being in the wooden box, to being out of it when it reveals Britany is holding the other end.

Continuity mistake: Once the chipettes are escorted to the prince's palace in Egypt, the guards force them over and are supposed to be standing behind them. However, after Eleanore says, "Excuse me sir, but you wouldn't wanna marry Britany," and from then on when she and Jeanette are rambling on and on about Britany, the guards seemed to have vanished into thin air behind them. But after the prince says, "The ceremony will take place promptly at dawn," the guards suddenly have appeared again and take the girls away. I know they must be quick to every command of the prince, but the way they seem to vanish and appear is ridiculous.

Continuity mistake: In the pool scene, with Klaus and Claudia, Claudia is out of the pool to talk on the phone. Klaus turns to see if Claudia is looking, then flicks more water on Sophie. As he does this, you could see that he has a gold bracelet on his right wrist. But then, after he flicks the water on the dog and the dog freaks out again, the next shot shows Klaus snickering again and he no longer has the bracelet on.

Continuity mistake: After the chipmunks leave Mexico, it shows the boat the chipettes are on. As the camera gets closer, you could hear Eleanore say, "Britany, I really think we should just wait til he comes back out." There is a note that says, "Down below, back in a few hours - Mr. Anton." It is nailed at the very top of the door. In the next shot, before the chipettes exit that door, the note appears to have changed from light blue to white, it now has two nails on the top and bottom and has moved further down on the door.

Revealing mistake: While it introduces the chipmunks in Athens, it shows the three chipmunks and it shows Theodore looking around. There is a food cart right next to him with nobody behind it. But a second later, right when Theodore gasps, a man just magically appears behind the food cart.

Brittany Miller: I don't care how important he is, how powerful he is, how rich he is... by the way, how rich is he?

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