The Chipmunk Adventure

Revealing mistake: While it introduces the chipmunks in Athens, it shows the three chipmunks and it shows Theodore looking around. There is a food cart right next to him with nobody behind it. But a second later, right when Theodore gasps, a man just magically appears behind the food cart.

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Revealing mistake: When the chipmunks and chippettes and getting ready for the balloon race, Jeanette walks up to Simon and asks him what route to take to Bermuda. Pay attention to Theadore; he's supposed to be in front of Simon handing the chest of dolls to Alvin who is in the hot air balloon. After handing him the chest, he dusts his hands and moves his head a little while doing it. If you look at his head, it seems to cross behind Simon's even though Theadore is supposed to be in front of him. Simon's face may have needed to be seen, but still a mistake.

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