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Continuity mistake: While Megamind is in the Metroman Museum, he uses his dehydrator gun and turns Bernard into a little blue cube. He puts the cube in his pocket, then picks up Bernard's cellphone and glasses. At the end of the movie, inserted into the credits is a short scene where Minion is doing laundry. As he approaches the washing machine, Bernard pops out of it, having been rehydrated in the wash - with his glasses perched askew on his head. (00:30:05 - 01:28:20)

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Continuity mistake: Whenever Megamind or Minion uses the disguise generator, their normal eye colour always show through their disguises, such as when they both disguise themselves as the Warden (the Warden has blue/gray eyes while Megamind has green and Minion has brown). However, during the final battle, Minion disguises himself as Megamind but he has Megamind's green eyes instead of his normal brown eyes.


Continuity mistake: When Megamind activates different "torturing devices" on Roxanne, She mentions about the spider and Megamind comes near her but that would be impossible because it wasn't shown that Megamind deactivated the Alligator trap.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film where Metro Man is addressing Metro City, he asks them if they know what the greatest honour they have given him is. When he asks this he is standing at the edge of a pond. But once he tells them what it is, he is suddenly standing in the middle of the pond.


Continuity mistake: When Megamind and Minion are arguing about Roxxi, Minion extends his arm with the keys away from Megamind. Megamind presses a button that partially retracts his arm to a few feet long. When Megamind says, "Maybe I don't want to be the bad guy," Minion gasps and raises both hands to his chest. When he leaves to get his things and go, the arm is a few feet long and limp again.

Continuity mistake: When Megamind parks his invisible car - just before he loses it - the car is parked significantly to the left of the "No You Can't" poster. Yet, when he finds the car again, it is directly in front of the poster.

Factual error: Metrocity appears to be located in Michigan, but the news station on the truck starts with K, which signifies that's it's in the western half of the US.

Continuity mistake: When Metroman is"trapped" inside the fake observatory, he says that copper drains his power and then groans in pain. Later, during the flashback of being inside the observatory, after he says that copper drains his powers, he then looks away and starts to laugh.

Deliberate mistake: When Metro Man flies towards the observatory to save Roxanne, we see a typical "the-characters-see-what-the-audience-sees" shot - a Super-Man-esque shot of him with his arms stretched out in front of him with his fists clenched. This shot is then projected onto a monitor that Minion is watching. It would be impossible to achieve this. It's as if there's some sort of camera on top of the observatory filming Metro Man, which there isn't. We see the observatory enough times to see that there isn't, and even if there was, the angle at which it would need to be at would be impossible to achieve. The shot of Metro Man on the monitor is positioned right in front of him, panning backwards. A camera would need to be very long to achieve this kind of shot, but there simply isn't one present.


Continuity mistake: In the final battle between Titan and Megamind, when Titan punches Megamind into the wall beside the invisible car, he hits him toasted his right. When he approaches him, he approaches from his left.

Deliberate mistake: Regarding one of Megamind's lines when he is speaking in front of the citizens of Metro City after having supposedly defeated Metro Man: "Imagine the most horrible, terrifying, evil thing you can possibly you can think of... and multiply it by six." In the Swedish dub, the 'six' is substituted with a 'five' [most likely due to 'six' and 'sex' in Swedish having the same spelling and pronunciation, and wanting to avoid any unintentional sexual innuendos]. (00:22:10)


Roxanne Ritchie: So that's it then? You're just giving up?
Megamind: I'm the bad guy. I don't save the day, I don't fly off into the sunset and I don't get the girl. I'm going home.

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Trivia: When Megamind as Bernard is in the library with Roxanne, the book he is reading ("Megamind Unmasked") has a description on the back of a self-help book entitled "The Happiest Me I Can Be". This is the same book that Metroman read (shown later in flashback) that caused him to decide to cease to be a hero. (00:43:30 - 01:08:30)

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Question: Throughout the film, Megamind transforms himself to take the appearance of other characters. Early on in the film, these characters are killed (or otherwise disposed of), allowing Megamind to take their appearance. Near the end of the film, Megamind takes Metro Man's appearance, but Metro Man is not dead (we see him as retired after faking his death, then specifically in the crowd scene at the Megamind museum opening). Is this an error, or is there some other reason why Megamind doesn't need to kill Metro Man to take his appearance?

Answer: The characters are only 'disposed of' so that they won't be able to reveal Megamind's deception. Remember, the warden wasn't killed and neither was Megamind when the warden was transformed into him. It is not necessary for the device to function that the individual being copied be eliminated.

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