Monster House

Corrected entry: Near the end where Neburcracker hands DJ the dynamite, he doesn't hand him a match. A few shots later DJ has a match in his hand.

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Correction: As you say, a few shots later he has the match. We see when he pulls the dynamite out that he had it tucked away in his sling. He could have kept the matches there as well and had plenty of time between shots to grab one. We even see when he falls several matches fall to the ground, so he definitely had plenty of matches on him in easy access.


Corrected entry: In the last scene, we see DJ and Chowder running off to go trick-or-treating. As the camera view zooms out, we see a column of smoke rising up from the ruins of Nebbercracker's house. A logical explanation for this would be the chimney of Nebbercracker's house. However, the house has been blown to smitherines in the previous few scenes.

Correction: The smoke is never rising out from a chimney, but the hole in the ground. We see the smoke rising after the house is destroyed in the empty lot, and the smoke is still rising when the neighborhood kids are getting their toys back.


Corrected entry: In the last scene, Chowder and DJ go trick-or-treating, yet they have nothing to carry their candy in. No bags, nothing.

Correction: I've been trick-or-treating without a bag plenty of times. You don't need one.

Corrected entry: The nerdy character in the arcade voiced by Jon Heder was created using a combination of the facial and body features of two characters from his movie 'Napoleon Dynamite'. His mouth, eyes, and general facial features are Napoleon; his hair, mustache, and nose are Pedro.

Correction: This sounds like personal opinion to me, not verifiable trivia. I have seen all the special features on the DVD, and nowhere is this mentioned.

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Zee: What is your problem?
DJ: Puberty. Yeah, I'm having lots and lots of puberty.



When DJ, Chowder, and Jenny are drawing the dummy with the cold medicine, before DJ walks in there is nothing next to the Nebbercracker house drawing except two trees. But, when DJ comes in, there is a dotted line going to the house, a drawing of the kids in a circle, and a drawing of a red eye in the doorway of the house.



Stay tuned during the credits, there is a scene with the police officers and the dog that get eaten by the house.