Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Surprise, Surprise - S15-E11

Continuity mistake: When Thomas finds Percy, he is behind him; but later when they arrive at the Steamworks, Thomas is in front. The same thing happens with Edward.

Big Belle - S15-E15

Continuity mistake: Gordon's Hill is much taller and steeper than it usually is. Also, when Belle reaches the other side of the hill, the tracks on the viewer's left disappear.


Stuck on You - S15-E14

Continuity mistake: When Thomas passes Gordon, Butch's magnet is attached to Thomas. In the next shot of Thomas, it isn't. And in the shot after that, the magnet is attached again.


Wonky Whistle - S15-E17

Continuity mistake: When Thomas goes back to Maithwaite, Flynn's railway wheels are not touching the rails, but his tires are.


Wonky Whistle - S15-E17

Continuity mistake: After Thomas stops near the bridge, he does not have a Wonky whistle.


Fiery Flynn - S15-E20

Continuity mistake: When Flynn sprays Edward, the water goes over Edward, but somehow his driver gets wet. And when Flynn sprays Gordon, the water is seen hitting the platform and Gordon's tender. Later, the water is seen hitting one of the coaches.


Pop Goes the Diesel - S2-E12

Plot hole: When Duck and Diesel leave the shed, Diesel follows Duck instantly, but the tracks they are on both lead to the turntable. As they are on different tracks to each other, it would be impossible for Diesel to follow Duck that quickly as the turntable could only be set to one track at a time.

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Sleeping Beauty - S4-E4

Duke: Excuse me. Are you a vandal? Driver told me vandals smash and break things.

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Something in the Air - S5-E15

Trivia: Some boats that rescue Henry resemble some characters from TUGS.

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