Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Mucking About - S20-E14

Continuity mistake: Thomas appears to be damaged and dirty after his accident, but he is completely fine and spotless in the final scene. There is no way that Thomas was repaired and cleaned instantly.


Saving Time - S20-E13

Continuity mistake: Sir Handel was just near the turntable when Samson approaches the Blue Mountain Quarry, but a few shots later, Sir Handel has moved to a siding.

Diesel and the Ducklings - S20-E4

Continuity mistake: When Diesel keeps James and Gordon waiting, they are at the top of the hill, but a few shots later, they are at the bottom of the hill.

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends mistake picture

All in Vain - S20-E11

Continuity mistake: When James passes Edward at Vicarstown, Edward's train does not have a brake van. But two shots later, it does.


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