Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Wonky Whistle - S15-E17

Factual error: A "wonky" whistle doesn't sound like a slide whistle, it should sound like a weakened version of the correct whistle mixed with the hissing sound of steam. A "wonky" whistle would also leak steam constantly instead of being blown like a normal whistle.


Spencer the Grand - S15-E12

Factual error: When Spencer brakes after he hears Percy whistle, his bogey wheels spark, but they do not have brakes.


Henry's Happy Coal - S15-E9

Factual error: Black smoke comes out of Henry's cylinders, when it should only be coming out of his funnel.


Fiery Flynn - S15-E20

Factual error: In the U.K. narration, when Flynn sees Gordon, the narrator says "Flynn steamed in to a stop." but Flynn isn't steam powered. This mistake is fixed in the U.S. narration.


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