Best TV factual errors of 1984

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The Cosby Show picture

For Men Only - S8-E9

Factual error: When Olivia (or whoever) is teaching Russell how to play the Nintendo game she tells him the controls and includes "C and D". The old Nintendo system had no C or D.

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Murder, She Wrote picture

Thicker Than Water - S8-E4

Factual error: At the end of the episode after Wayne is shot, there is a brief shot of the outside of the hospital where he has been taken. The sign outside the hospital says Dalesboro, Ohio. Why would someone shot in coastal Maine end up in a hospital in Ohio?

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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends picture

Wonky Whistle - S15-E17

Factual error: A "wonky" whistle doesn't sound like a slide whistle, it should sound like a weakened version of the correct whistle mixed with the hissing sound of steam. A "wonky" whistle would also leak steam constantly instead of being blown like a normal whistle.


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V (1984)

V picture

V: The Final Battle: Part 3 (2 Hrs) - S1-E5

Factual error: When the world celebrates the Visitors' flight, there are scenes of joyous people from all around the world. Curiously, in each of these scenes it is daytime - even in Italy, China, and India, where it would be either night or dawn, given that L.A. time of the attacks is between 11 and 12 AM.

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Night Court picture

Crossroads (2) - S8-E7

Factual error: When people begin to describe their symptoms, Dr. Deyoung says the "virus" could be a number of things, but then lists bacterial diseases. Something a doctor in his field would not do, especially since the test tube that broke was already described by him as "experimental bacteria."


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Airwolf II - S3-E2

Factual error: The computer mistakes a private airplane for a MIG-23, however the picture on the screen of a MIG-23 is completely wrong, it shows a French Dassault Super Mystere.

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