Hogan's Heroes

Man's Best Friend Is Not His Dog - S4-E6

Revealing mistake: As Schultz holds Newkirk's hat during the search, you can see "Dawson" written on the inside band. This was to insure that Richard Dawson (Newkirk) always had the right wardrobe pieces.

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The Gasoline War - S5-E4

Revealing mistake: During the main part of the plot, the guys are putting dynamite on each truck in the convoy as they fuel up at Stalag 13. It is supposed to be dark, (hence the reason the boys wear black) but there are shadows as if it were day. It's impossible for the driver in the following truck and the guard in the tower to miss seeing the boys as they go back and forth to plant charges.

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Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13 - S1-E16

Revealing mistake: When the "Boat" is loaded on a "trailer", you can see that it has very little ground clearance. The wheels of the "trailer" actually are hidden behind the boards like on a parade wagon. The boat has no keel and no hull below its freeboard. Besides the question of how the boat got onto the trailer if it is practically built around it, there remains the question of how it is supposed to stay afloat without a keel or a bottom.

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The Return of Major Bonacelli - S4-E25

Revealing mistake: When Hogan, Carter and Le Beau are talking to Schultz, you can see it is an overcast day. After Hochstetter comes in and the camera cuts to them talking about Bonacelli, it goes back to Hogan. You can now see that they are on a sound stage. The reasons are that the guard isn't moving in the tower, the boys are well lit, and as Hogan and Le Beau go into the barracks, you can see differences in the painting of the sky on the back drop.

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Sticky Wicket Newkirk - S3-E20

Revealing mistake: When Hochstetter goes to open the window in Klink's office after the explosion rocks the camp, look at the background. You can see the studio lighting shining on the matte painting of the camp yard.

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The Gold Rush - S1-E18

Revealing mistake: When Le Beau holds up the gold painted brick and the "gold" brick, the ends reveal that they appear to be pieces of lumber. The ends seem to have grains consistent with lumber.

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Movies Are Your Best Escape - S1-E8

Revealing mistake: When Schultz is talking to Hogan and Le Beau, the guard outside walks past. As he does, you can see three shadows from him revealing the studio lighting, rather than him really being outside.

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The Battle of Stalag 13 - S2-E5

Revealing mistake: When the scene transitions from Klink and Hogan to a night shot outside of the barracks, you can see palm trees above the roof line. Not normal for the area that's supposed to be represented.

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Hello, Zolle - S1-E19

Revealing mistake: In the close ups of Maj. Zolle, it can be seen that the spectacles that he has on have no lenses.

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To Russia Without Love - S6-E18

Revealing mistake: As the motorcycle and the side car split apart and drive around independently, you can see that the side car has been given two extra wheels, and some other stuff underneath as well that's not present on regular Wehrmacht BMW sidecars - probably a remote control of sorts. Also, the motorcycle Schultz rides has training wheels mounted in the shot where the side car comes off.

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The 43rd, a Moving Story - S1-E23

Revealing mistake: As Carter and Newkirk sit by the wall catching their breath, a seam can be seen running vertically where two wall sections meet behind them.

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The Kamikazes Are Coming - S6-E20

Revealing mistake: As the rocket blasts out of the recreation hall, the guide wires for the model are visible.

The Dropouts - S6-E14

Revealing mistake: In the close ups, Professor Bauer's spectacles do not have lenses.

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It's Dynamite - S6-E10

Revealing mistake: As the truck passes Carter and Newkirk, it's easy to tell they're hiding behind tarp-covered boxes rather than the greenery or rocks around them.

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The Witness - S4-E23

Revealing mistake: As Schultz comes in the barracks door, there is a sliver of the studio background visible by the door jamb above his head.

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Hogan and the Lady Doctor - S2-E20

Revealing mistake: As the truck pulls into the laboratory yard, the buildings of the city surrounding the studio backlot are seen.

The Swing Shift - S2-E21

Revealing mistake: As Burkhalter's car comes into the camp, it's easy to see that it's a re-use of stock footage.

Is There a Doctor in the House? - S3-E18

Revealing mistake: As Carter blows into the bottom of the oven, the suds that hit Newkirk in the face come out in a thin stream on top, not out of the whole stovepipe.

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Information Please - S2-E15

Revealing mistake: When Schultz checks the barbed wire to see if it is fixed now, he noticeably wiggles the vertical wire, but only barely touches the horizontal one - because it is rigged to come apart, and will again if he handles it too roughly.

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The Big Broadcast - S6-E12

Revealing mistake: As the camera looks at Schultz driving the car, even though he's moving in the seat, you can see through the back glass the car isn't moving at all.

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