Hogan's Heroes

The Informer - S1-E1

Other mistake: In this episode, the German spy Hogan conducts around the Underground tunnels sees things (i.e., steam room, weapon manufacturing line, barber shop, etc.) that are never seen in the series again.

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Suggested correction: It is never made quite clear whether those were really supposed to be a thing or just part of an extremely elaborate plot to throw off the spy. Admittedly, if they were supposed to be part of the plot, the question how Hogan's men managed to set up such a complicated system in the time available would be a mistake in its own right.

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The Informer - S1-E1

Other mistake: Klink has on his monocle, as usual. If you look closely, the monocle is a single lens, with no frame. From Episode 2 onward, the monocle has a frame and a gallery. Also, Klink wears it at an angle, not unlike the Penguin in the original Batman series, who also wore a monocle without a frame.

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