Captain Hook - S6-E8

Character mistake: When Johnny and Roy are with the heatstroke victim in the polar bear costume, they're on different sides of the victim when Roy says, "Twitching here in both arms," and Johnny looks at her left arm and responds, "Yeah, the same thing over here too." And then it happens again, when Roy says, "Got some heavy spasms in these arms," and Johnny responds, "Yeah, same thing over here."

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That Time of Year - S6-E4

Character mistake: When Mr. Grady, the self defense instructor, and his wife are in the ER waiting room after Brackett taped up his fractured ribs, Mr. Grady makes a comment about being flipped, and instead of saying Mrs. Pestone he says the name incorrectly as Prestin, then a few moments later he says her name properly, just as he did earlier during the class.

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Fair Fight - S6-E5

Character mistake: When Squad 51 is dispatched to the fighting couple the first time timeout is 10:12, and the second call to that house timeout is 12:37. When Roy and John are there the first time, it's for no more than five minutes. Then when they're there the second time, Roy says "Please folks, we just went through this less than an hour ago," though it was over two hours when they left the fighting couple the first time.

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[Henry, the dog who is never ever off the couch, whimpers.]
Johnny: [Talking to Henry, while typing on the typewriter.] Sorry. Didn't mean to disturb you. Acting kinda uppity aren't you? I may put you in the script. Yeah. A dog that does nothing. [Henry whimpers.] Just sits there. People like that, y'know. A schleppy dog. You'll schlep out on stage and schleep on the couch. Dumb dog! [Henry whimpers.] Making me feel guilty. Why don't you howl or something?



When Roy is electrocuted and falls from the roof, after Karen uses the defibrillator paddles on Roy, she lifts both paddles, looks at the EKG monitor and says "He's converted." How exactly could Karen have known that he's converted? It's impossible for the EKG monitor to show anything at all. Either the defib paddles have be in contact with Roy's body for the “quick-look” to get a reading, which they weren't, or the ECG electrode discs have to be on Roy's chest connecting him to the EKG monitor, and they weren't. As an aside, just watching Marco having problems attaching the air mask, and quickly glancing up towards the camera frustrated, then giving up is priceless.



In addition to Randolph Mantooth's brother Donald appearing in this episode, while Roy and John are in Mrs. Johnson's apartment, when Roy's telling John some of the plants' names, John picks up a plant from the table and asks Roy what its name is. And when Roy answers, "Sadie", John smiles at the plant and says, "Hey, Sadie, how you doing?" Sadie is Mantooth's mother's name.