The Great Crash Diet - S5-E22

Character mistake: After Captain Stanley tells the guys about the diet and nutrition study, Cap tells Roy that he and John should go to Oceanside Park for a fire inspection, but later when Johnny's on the HT he tells dispatch to respond Engine 51 to Oceanland Park, not Oceanside Park, and then the dispatcher gives the incident address as Oceanland Park.

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Equipment - S5-E4

Character mistake: At the construction site, while the paramedics are defibbing the cardiac arrest Stoney's on the line with Rampart, and Brackett orders, "Administer 5ccs 1 to 10,000 epinephrine IV," to which Stoney responds, "Administer 5ccs epinephrine, 10-4, LA," even though he's speaking to Rampart not to LA dispatch.

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Grateful - S5-E21

Character mistake: At the restaurant, when Captain Stanley's on the Biophone with Rampart, Brackett asks, "Is there any evidence of external hemorrhaging on your second victim?" and then Cap responds, "We can only see superficial cuts at this time... Pupils are equal and reactive, negative on the IV at this time," as if Brackett ordered an IV, but Brackett never said anything to Squad 51 about any IV.

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Tee Vee - S5-E11

Character mistake: When the guy who was injured in the manhole is brought to treatment 6, he's transferred onto the ER's gurney and we see Carol taking his pulse, but then she tells Early, "Pulse 120, respiration 24," even though she never checked his respiration rate.

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Emergency! the Wedsworth-Townsend Act: Part 1 - S5-E15

Character mistake: When Johnny and Roy are in the kitchen and start reminiscing about when they first met, Johnny recalls those days and says "I was working B shift at Station 8's," however, Johnny was actually working at Station 10.

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