Back-Up - S4-E21

Character mistake: After Squad 51 joins Engine 51 at the heart attack incident, while Roy's on the Biophone with Rampart he sends a second EKG strip, and Early orders, "100 milligrams lidocaine bolus," but he mispronounces lidocaine and says, "Lidograin," then he pronounces "Lidocaine drip" properly.

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It's How You Play the Game - S4-E19

Character mistake: On scene at the vehicle accident, John palpates a pulse on the driver's leg and tells Roy that he's got a good strong foot pulse. Then when Roy's on the line with Rampart we hear him say, "He has a strong fetal pulse," but presumably Roy certainly must have meant to say, "strong pedal pulse."

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The Firehouse Four - S4-E11

Character mistake: When Dr. Brackett talks to the attempted suicide's boyfriend, he tells Brackett that the girl has already attempted suicide a total of three times, and the first time she was hospitalized, but a minute later when Dr. Morton reads the hospital records and tells Brackett that the girl attempted suicide the previous year and was hospitalized, Brackett then tells Morton that her boyfriend said that she tried it three additional times. It was just a minute earlier that the boyfriend said two additional times, not three.

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[Henry, the dog who is never ever off the couch, whimpers.]
Johnny: [Talking to Henry, while typing on the typewriter.] Sorry. Didn't mean to disturb you. Acting kinda uppity aren't you? I may put you in the script. Yeah. A dog that does nothing. [Henry whimpers.] Just sits there. People like that, y'know. A schleppy dog. You'll schlep out on stage and schleep on the couch. Dumb dog! [Henry whimpers.] Making me feel guilty. Why don't you howl or something?



When Roy is electrocuted and falls from the roof, after Karen uses the defibrillator paddles on Roy, she lifts both paddles, looks at the EKG monitor and says "He's converted." How exactly could Karen have known that he's converted? It's impossible for the EKG monitor to show anything at all. Either the defib paddles have be in contact with Roy's body for the “quick-look” to get a reading, which they weren't, or the ECG electrode discs have to be on Roy's chest connecting him to the EKG monitor, and they weren't. As an aside, just watching Marco having problems attaching the air mask, and quickly glancing up towards the camera frustrated, then giving up is priceless.



In addition to Randolph Mantooth's brother Donald appearing in this episode, while Roy and John are in Mrs. Johnson's apartment, when Roy's telling John some of the plants' names, John picks up a plant from the table and asks Roy what its name is. And when Roy answers, "Sadie", John smiles at the plant and says, "Hey, Sadie, how you doing?" Sadie is Mantooth's mother's name.