Messin' Around - S3-E15

Other mistake: Stoker prematurely plots 617 Kimble Road on the map as the dispatcher is barely starting to say the address. Then the squad leads in the departure from the station, but when the squad arrives to the above dispatched location the engine is already finished with the dumpster fire.

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Suggested correction: 1st part of the mistake is already noted and 2nd part is incorrect. The Engine and Squad are dispatched to 617-1/2 Kimball for unknown type rescue and Squad leads. At destination, Captain walks to the front door and rings bell, while off camera Roy and Johnny get rescue gear and join Stanley at front door. Dispatch then sends the Engine to trash container fire at Farber/Wilmington, while Roy and Johnny's Squad stays with current rescue involving dieffenbachia. After this, the Squad joins Engine.

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Other mistake: When the plane crashes into the neighborhood and traps Gage and DeSoto in the house, you see outside shots of the squad when the other two paramedics arrive. You can see a large piece of smoking engine/plane laying on the back end of the squad, right over the spare air tanks. They would have exploded when something that heavy and hot landed on them, since they are filled with oxygen. The tanks would be full or they would not be on the back of the squad.

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Suggested correction: Probably air tanks, because oxygen tanks are always painted green. Both kinds of tank are very tough. Hard to tell with how much force the plane debris might have landed except that the truck still looks pretty much intact. However, if the plot required it, I would find it completely believable that the crash could have exploded the tanks, but also don't find it strange that they didn't explode.

The Mouse - S4-E20

Revealing mistake: At the apartment complex fire, after Johnny is knocked unconscious by the explosion, when the Pasadena fireman finds him and has to lift him up, it's funny how even though Johnny's unconscious we can see that he actually helps to stand himself up, so the fireman can lift him up and carry him out.

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Trainee - S2-E8

Roy: I think you're on some sort of an ego trip, Ed. And in my book that makes you a very dangerous character.
Ed: [Laughs.] Ego trip, huh? Well, I didn't realize that psychiatry was part of the paramedic's training.
Roy: Oh that's good, Ed, you be funny. But that isn't gonna change anything. You wanna know what I figure? Well, I figure when you were working in Vietnam, it was rough. So rough you started playing over your head. And you were making it, you were doing real good. Considering it was a combat situation. And pretty soon you started getting all blown up about how Ed Marlowe is just as good as the real doctors. And you've been living on that ever since. And the trouble is, Ed, you are good. Except for two little problems. You can't quit competing with real doctors. And you can't face being wrong. You see, those people we treat out there, I mean the people we work for, the people who pay for this whole operation, they're real people, Ed, with real problems. And they have a right to expect more than just being used by you for some sort of trip. [Completely exasperated.] I guess what I'm trying to say to you, Ed, is that in my book you're just plain unprofessional.
[Ed walks out.]
John: Do you think it did any good?
Roy: Do you?

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Trivia: On May 16, 2000, 28 years after the debut of "Emergency!" on television, due to the profound impact "Emergency!" had on the American EMS system, key props and memorabilia from the show were inducted into the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History, Division of Cultural History - the Public Service sector, located in Washington, D.C. Some of the items included: Original scripts, Biophone, trauma boxes, defibrillators, monitor, radios, turnout gear, helmets, and Roy's and Johnny's uniforms.

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Surprise - S4-E6

Question: When the guys are hanging off the roof does anyone else see a white wire attached to the sign?

Answer: Yes, there's a thin cable secured to the sign's bottom mounting bracket which leads upward to the crane arm, and can be seen in quite a few shots at various angles. It's reasonable to presume that this cable which is secured to the crane was part of the sign's mounting process to the two wall brackets before the winds caused the accident, the premise of this rescue. For this reason it really can't be noted as "stunt wires being visible" or something like that.

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