Involvement - S5-E19

Visible crew/equipment: On scene at the accident with the tanker carrying liquid hydrogen, after Chet extinguishes the fire that ignited on Johnny's back, when the fire spreads and the car explodes, the car falls onto its side and the FX stunt platform that the car was resting on becomes visible. Then two shots later that platform has vanished, as they hose down the fire.

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Involvement - S5-E19

Revealing mistake: The former head nurse is supposed to be unconscious when she's picked up from the couch. Yet she puts her hand up on a shoulder when being carried out.

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[Henry, the dog who is never ever off the couch, whimpers.]
Johnny: [Talking to Henry, while typing on the typewriter.] Sorry. Didn't mean to disturb you. Acting kinda uppity aren't you? I may put you in the script. Yeah. A dog that does nothing. [Henry whimpers.] Just sits there. People like that, y'know. A schleppy dog. You'll schlep out on stage and schleep on the couch. Dumb dog! [Henry whimpers.] Making me feel guilty. Why don't you howl or something?



In addition to Randolph Mantooth's brother Donald appearing in this episode, while Roy and John are in Mrs. Johnson's apartment, when Roy's telling John some of the plants' names, John picks up a plant from the table and asks Roy what its name is. And when Roy answers, "Sadie", John smiles at the plant and says, "Hey, Sadie, how you doing?" Sadie is Mantooth's mother's name.