Best TV character mistakes of 1972

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Frequency - S3-E1

Character mistake: Days after Drew's death (Roy and Johnny had two days off after Drew's death), during the meeting that Brackett has with the four paramedic units, one of 59's guys asks, "What do we do when we have this overload situation on the same frequency? Two squads, like 51 and us today?" The situation with the frequency did not happen "today" as he said, it happened at least three days prior.

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Show generally

Character mistake: When Colonel Blake's wife is having a baby, he is on the phone with the hospital as tells them to tell 'Mildred' he loves her and will talk to her soon. His wife's name was Lorraine.

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Show generally

Character mistake: In episode 1.19, Howard Borden goes to Bob's office and says it's the first time he's been there. In fact, he had come to the office to address Bob's "fear of flying" group in the first episode.

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Show generally

Character mistake: 05/08/2013: David gives a choice of 3 films when there are 5 DVDs in his hand.

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The Night Club - S10-E5

Character mistake: When Mrs. Slocombe volunteers to sing while Captain Peacock plays piano, Mr. Humphries responds that he didn't know she could sing, even though the department staff has been involved in many musical numbers over the series.

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