SpongeBob SquarePants

Help Wanted / Reef Blowers / Tea at the Treedome - S1-E2

Corrected entry: Squidward spray painted "loser" pointing to his own face (which he also spray painted) on one of the front doors of the Krusty Krab. When Spongebob first goes into the Krusty Krab, the drawings (or whatever they were) disappear.

Correction: Squidward was actually cleaning it up, that's what the piece of cloth he is holding in his other hand is for. Although Squidward is not happy to work at the Krusty Krab, he is far too proud and too vain to insult himself in such a manner. Also, don't forget that Squidward is not very popular, so most likely the graffiti was from somebody else.

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Corrected entry: Sandy has a suit on when she's walking around Bikini Bottom. On the square on the suit, it either has 3 dots OR an acorn. Does it change by itself?

Correction: Sandy probably has 2 suits.

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Corrected entry: In "Jellyfishing," Squidward comes home and Patrick stupidly says "Merry Christmas." But he didn't know about Christmas until the episode "Christmas Who?"

Correction: "Christmas Who?" is actually a flashback - Patchy the Pirate, in the present, is telling the story of Bikini Bottom's first Christmas. Therefore, the time that Patrick learns about Christmas could have actually occurred sometime before the story in "Jellyfishing", thus explaining Patrick's knowledge of the holiday.

Dying For Pie / Imitation Krabs - S2-E6

Corrected entry: When Spongebob says "eyelashes" he should have said "eyebrows since thats whats missing.

Correction: This is true, but his eyelashes were missing also, so it's more of an error in the animation.

You Wish ('Shanghaied') / Gary Takes A Bath - S2-E11

Corrected entry: It's been established that Patrick doesn't have a nose. So then the perfume department in "Shanghied" should not affect him.

Correction: It doesn't effect his nose, it effects his eyes and mouth.

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Corrected entry: Spongebob is repeatedly referred to, as a square, when in actual fact, the largest surface area on Spongebob which holds his face, is an irregular trapezium.

Correction: Well that would hardly sound as good in the theme song, would it? He is actually a cuboid, but I assume they're trying to keep the shapes simple so kids can understand it - it is a kids' show after all.

Your Shoe's Untied / Squid's Day Off - S2-E2

Corrected entry: In "Your Shoe's Untied," Spongebob comes into the Krusty Krab and says "I can't let Patrick see that I still haven't tied my shoes." Patrick and other customers are eating. But Spongebob is the only Krusty Krab frycook, so how could they be eating if he wasn't there.

Correction: In the episode "Just One Bite" we see that the restaurant has a Patty Vault in which they keep ready-to-serve Krabby Patties. We can assume that even if they don't have SpongeBob to cook patties, they do have some ready-made ones that they can simply get out and serve to the customers.

Pre-Hibernation Week / Life of Crime - S2-E13

Corrected entry: In "Pre-Hibernation Week," when they're swimming in the ice-cold water, Sandy says she has three days left until hibernation. But then, Patrick comes home with groceries and asks, "Who are you people?" to everyone under his rock, indicating that Spongebob had only been under the rock while he was on a daily errand. So it had only been a few hours since Sandy said she had three days left, but yet she starts hibernating.

Correction: Squidward says at one point during the search, "How about a break? We've been at it for days." This gives evidence that the fish had been searching (and Spongebob had been hiding) for the remainder of the three days, and by the time Sandy found him, the time was up and she fell asleep.

Born Again Krabs (aka A Penny Saved) / Safety Freak (aka I Had An Accident) - S3-E17

Corrected entry: In "I Had An Accident", there's one scene where Sandy sticks her head into Spongebob's porthole to yell at him. The porthole is NOT open, therefore Sandy would've hit her head in the porthole window.

Correction: Maybe he doesn't have glass at his house.

The Great Snail Race / Mid-Life Crustacean - S3-E15

Corrected entry: How can Gary, a simple snail, be able to turn on a TV, and THAT fast?

Correction: Gary is no simple snail though. He can sing (I was a teenage Gary), he can recite poetry (at that talent show in the Krusty Krab), so if Gary is so simple then he wouldn't be able to turn on the TV in the first place.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy / Pickles - S1-E6

Corrected entry: In "Pickles," Spongebob is confused about everything and when he has to sleep, he says, "So is it mattress, mattress, blanket, pillow, Spongebob? No, that's not it..." and every time he tries to figure out the order he names two mattresses. But Spongebob's bed has three mattresses.

Correction: Remember, Spongebob is very confused on everything so surely he could forget even the most simplest tasks or things, even how many mattresses he has while looking at them.

Help Wanted / Reef Blowers / Tea at the Treedome - S1-E2

Corrected entry: This is supposed to be the first time that Sandy is in a episode, but Sandy is in a earlier episode called "Ripped Pants."

Correction: That may have been the first episode aired, but "Tee at the Treedome" was part of the pilot.

Fools in April / Neptune's Spatula - S1-E19

Corrected entry: When Spongebob took the wheel off, there should have been a hole in the door.

Correction: I cannot figure out why so many people keep submitting mistakes like this, especially since the corrections are all the same. It's a joke.

Jellyfishing / Plankton! - S1-E3

Corrected entry: When Plankton is controlling SpongeBob,and crashes into Squidwards house,Squidwards room is on the bottom floor usually it's on the top floor.

Correction: There is no episode showing that Squidwards bedroom is on the top floor, but, judging by how far his house goes back, we assume that his bedroom is on the top floor because, as we see in a few episodes, there is a living room on Squidward's bottom floor.

Jellyfishing / Plankton! - S1-E3

Corrected entry: When (or before) Patrick flings soup at Squidward with a spoon, there are no letters in it, but some shot later, letters are on Squdward.

Correction: There is a shot before Patrick flings the soup at Squidward showing that it is alphabet soup. Spelled out in the soup is something like "Happy Best Day Ever, Squidward."

Wet Painters / Krusty Krab Training Video - S3-E9

Corrected entry: In "Wet Painters", we have NO evidence of Patrick drawing a crayon face and $ signs onto the painted dollar, yet Mr. Krabs notices the dollar and there they are.

Correction: This was probably either meant to be funny, or Patrick did it when Spongebob had his back turned when wondering what to do with the dollar before Mr. Krabs saw it.

Pre-Hibernation Week / Life of Crime - S2-E13

Corrected entry: In an earlier episode, Sandy has hibernated and gained a lot of weight to do so. But in this episode, she stays her normal weight.

Correction: We saw in "Survival of the Idiots" that Sandy stuffed herself before hibernation. She didn't get to overeat this time, so she wasn't fat.

You Wish ('Shanghaied') / Gary Takes A Bath - S2-E11

Corrected entry: When SpongeBob wishes Squidward to come back, the Flying Dutchman choose SpongeBob to make the third wish. Squidward then says "We're about to get eaten". How did Squidward know?

Correction: Squidward only says this just before Spongebob wishes. Squidward is thinking Spongebob will say something stupid and get them all eaten in the process.

Pizza Delivery / Home Sweet Pineapple - S1-E5

Corrected entry: Why did Spongebob decide to sponge paint a fence when his house doesn't have a fence?

Correction: This isn't really a mistake in the episode, since it doesn't really affect the storyline of the episode. But, if you want to get picky, then the reason he painted a fence was probably because he wanted his house to look more decorative, so he decided to put a painted fence there.

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Corrected entry: In the episode where Spongebob loses his identity, he constantly has his back to people. His name tag was on his back, so wouldn't someone have noticed it?

Correction: At the beginning when Spongebob first realizes he lost it, Squidward points to Spongebob's back saying something like "Uh...Spongebob..." but gets cut off, so it's fair to assume he saw the nametag and was trying to tell Spongebob. Besides, Spongebob only found out about the inspection at work, so he didn't ask anyone else if they had seen his nametag.

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