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Correction: It's a cartoon. You must suspend disbelief.


Correction: Who knows? The people of bikini bottom might have ears, and we just don't know it.

Correction: That's a common gag in cartoons. Even in a future episode, Fear of a Krabby Patty, how Spongebob pulled a piano out of nowhere and Plankton questioned where it came from.

Correction: That's because Mr. Krabs was hallucinating the cemetery.

Correction: It's Patrick who turns the belt's M upside-down into a W. Then after SpongeBob activates it, while Patrick is shrinking down to Squidward's size, it really cannot be claimed, "it is an "M" again, without him ever touching it" because SpongeBob is offscreen during this time, so he actually does have the opportunity to simply turn it back to the M.

Super Grover

Nasty Patty / The Idiot Box - S3-E4

Corrected entry: In 'Nasty Patty' SpongeBob put the health inspector in the freezer. The police people open the door to discover that it's empty, moments later the inspector approaches them from behind from outside of the room. How did he manage to go outside without being seen and open the freezer door from the inside as there was no handle on the inside?

Correction: Knowing the show, it's common that character may be able to do impossible tasks. Also, there's an alternate mistake: there IS supposed to be a door handle inside as revealed in the episode SB-129.

Correction: It's a gag that Patchy's eyepatch and hook hand and peg leg switch sides or even disappear in some episodes. Not a mistake.

Correction: While the food is gone in the next shot, the shot isn't meant to be continuous. After he walks through the fridge he's in a completely different room about to step into his pants. He had plenty of time to shake the food off, or for it to fall off, between shots.


Show generally

Corrected entry: In Imitation Krabs the first few shots show Spongebob's spatula without any slits in the head. However for every other episode it has slits in the head.

Correction: This would only be a mistake if it was say the same scene, some period. Different spatula between episodes could be allowed for a variety of reasons.


Correction: That's the gag for the episode.

Sandy's Rocket / Squeaky Boots - S1-E8

Corrected entry: Why is every single person in Bikini Bottom wide awake and living their normal lives in the dead of night? It's way past midnight and people are walking their pets and Mrs. Puff is in her school, grading papers. No school would be open that late.


Correction: When you say, "No school would be open that late", you are referring to human schools? Real schools? Schools on land? We are talking about the absurd, vivid, totally UNrealistic world of Bikini Bottom, where they may live life as they see fit.

Super Grover

Correction: IT'S A CARTOON! Some suspension of disbelief is expected. Sea creatures don't talk or wear clothes either.

Correction: Remember: Squidward has six limbs (including arms). He could have been holding on to the sides of the fort. Besides, we don't know how long it took him to build the fort. As for the tree, common cartoon humor.

Correction: This is just a plain lie and started as an Internet rumor. The story behind the rumor was Spongebob Square Pants was originally going to air on Adult Swim. However, Spongebob debuted on Nickelodeon in 1999 and Adult Swim wasn't even created until 2001. Additionally, creator Stephen Hillenburg already worked with Nickelodeon on a previous children's show and always wanted to continue working with Nickelodeon.


Correction: There is no such scene of SpongeBob and Plankton jellyfishing. The only time Plankton spends time with SpongeBob after being stepped on is when Plankton is controlling SpongeBob, and they don't jellyfish.


They could be referring to Culture Shock/ F.U.N.

Correction: He only appears twice because the angle changes. When "Mr. Plankton" is looking out the window he's looking over to his far right when the green fish passes. Then the angle changes so we see straight out the window, which is to the left of the previous angle, so we see the green fish walking still.

Arrgh! / Rock Bottom - S1-E17

Corrected entry: In "Rock Bottom" when Spongebob gets to the kelp bar and whenever he puts his hand in the bus vrooms, but watch when he runs over to catch the bus, he runs right through it.

Correction: That's not what happens. It might look like it, but it's clear that as he approaches the bus, the bus takes off and then we see Spongebob finish crossing the road once the bus is gone.


Correction: The glove on his nose is gone when he pulls his head back into the bus, reasonable to think he lost it while his head was out the window, because it's not as if it reappears later.


Correction: I don't see anything odd about his color, and he's certainly not brown.

Correction: The close up shot shows 4 rungs (bars) and the wide shot (when it zooms out), there are still 4 rungs visible.

Help Wanted / Reef Blowers / Tea at the Treedome - S1-E2

Corrected entry: In the episode "Help Wanted" when Spongebob makes Krabby Patties for the anchovies, Spongebob chops lettuce, patties, and onions for some of the buns and the buns don't have patties, tomatoes, or cheese on them. When he's done dancing, when you look at the patty buns there is no onion, but there is a patty and lettuce. Also in later episodes, the way he made those patties isn't the way he makes them now. And the way he makes them now has tomatoes and cheese on them. But this could probably be wrong due to it being a pilot episode.

Correction: First off, he's chopping lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. Not patties. Second, all the buns have patties on them. Third, just because we can't see the tomatoes and onions doesn't mean they aren't there, under the lettuce. Often (especially in drawings), lettuce will stick out from the bun edges, but tomatoes and onions usually don't. Fourth, he's making hamburgers, not cheeseburgers and we never see him pull out cheese. And finally, this was his first day on the job, and he was feeding several buses of sardines, so if he changes the way he makes them in the future, it's understandable.

Correction: That was the point of the scene, that, along with the cereal, he swept the dishes away. In fact, in one shot you can see the cereal bowl being flung away.


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Chosen answer: You need to provide a little bit more information to be able to answer a question like this. In what region is it not being shown? I see it being replayed here in Australia fairly frequently. As for a general reason, there does not appear to be any for why it specifically might have been taken off the air in any country or region. Like any show certain episodes can sometimes not be replayed for long periods for unknown reasons.


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