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Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: In the truck right before the parade passes them by, Jonathan Kent kisses his wife. Cut to a different angle but this time his left hand is on her cheek. It wasn't there in the prior angle. (00:02:15)

Slumber - S3-E4

Revealing mistake: While there was a close up on Clark while he was asleep, you could see a small cut right above his eye, which is impossible if he can't be hurt.

Heat - S2-E2

Revealing mistake: In the scene in which Jonathan shoots Lex, he is gently lowering and raising the barrel of the gun whilst shooting, even though there is a 'bullet-time' effect in progress. Maybe the sequence is shot in real-time, with the actors standing still and the 'bullet' added afterwards? Furthermore, would Lex really move that quickly in relation to the speed of the bullet?

Smallville mistake picture

Metamorphosis - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: Despite the fact that Clark and Jonathan are looking in the rafters above them for Greg, their flashlights stay relatively level. (00:26:35)

Smallville mistake picture

Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Lex is about to hit Clark with his car, Clark alternates between facing the car and facing the bridge. (00:17:20)

Smallville mistake picture

Shimmer - S1-E10

Revealing mistake: Once Victoria has drawn her bath, we see her get in, and then lean back into the water. However she is already wet on her chest and her hair is damp already. This is probably due to previous takes of the same scene.

Smallville mistake picture

Hothead - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: As Lex is chalking his pool stick while talking to Dominic about cutting 20% of the workforce at the LutherCorp Smallville plant, there is a red snooker ball on the wall rack missing from the second row. When Lex walks over to the other end of the pool table, the camera shot changes back to Dominic, now there is a ball missing from the top row, which was not missing before.

Vortex (2) - S2-E1

Continuity mistake: When Martha Kent and Lana were talking about the meteor shower in the Talon Relief Center they sit down on the stairs. Lana puts both her hands on her knees. But in the next shot now her arms are outstretched in front of her, and now it's her elbows which are on her knees.

Perry - S3-E5

Plot hole: How did Perry manage to tie himself to the barrier without Lana noticing?

Fever - S2-E16

Plot hole: When Jonathan breaks into the military compound, how did Clark get there in that short a time, seeing as Jonathan drove and Clark is without his superpowers?

Pilot - S1-E1

Audio problem: When Mr. Luthor was buying the corn field from the farmer he says: 'Now, where do I sign?' The farmer replies: 'Right here Mr. Luthor' and points at the contract. Even though we can only see a profile shot of the farmer as he says these words it is pretty obvious that his mouth isn't moving.

Crush - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: As Chloe hurries to put Justin's art book back before Justin comes in there is a piece of white paper sticking out of the top and bottom, based on the way she put it back, of the folder. When Justin sees the folder has been moved there are no papers sticking out.

Noir - S6-E20

Continuity mistake: When Chloe shows the newspaper to Jimmy with his photo on it. The photo is not the same when it is shown in the close-up.

Hothead - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: After Clark catches the football the was aimed at Chloe, for taking pictures of the team, she has one hand on her camera, but in the next shot, both hands are on the camera.

Exile (1) - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: When Lewis says to Lex ".the bitch that set you up." he is holding the stick with the point in his wrist. In the very next shot he is gripping the stick by the side and not from the point.

Lucy - S4-E16

Plot hole: In episode 4-16: "Lucy," there is no reason for the criminals to be chasing Lucy on the ski slopes at the beginning of the episode. We learn later that she's been working with them all along; she calls Lois during the chase, and the call is part of Lucy's plan with the criminals. Lucy being chased by the criminals would make sense given the story she gives Clark during the next part of the episode, but it doesn't make sense for what we ultimately learn is the truth. And nobody from Smallville is anywhere near the ski chase, so it also doesn't make sense as any kind of a ruse.


Phantom - S6-E22

Visible crew/equipment: When Lex is driving out of the dam and the police arrive, Lex exits his car and two crew members heads are reflected in the glass window of his door. (02:35:30)

Shattered - S3-E8

Revealing mistake: When Lionel Luthor visits the Kent Farm and tells the Kents and Chloe that Lex is missing, Allison Mack is laughing when the group is shown from Lex's viewpoint in the barn.

Perry - S3-E5

Audio problem: In the beginning of the episode, Clark leaves for the Talon to meet with Pete. He is offered a ride by his mother, but says he'll run there instead. As he closes the door behind him, we hear the sound of him taking off in super-speed, but we can still see him through the glass in the door moving down the stairs in normal speed.

Nicodemus - S1-E15

Revealing mistake: When Lana throws a glass bottle at Lex (in the Talon) it smashes against the wall. But if you look closely Lana drops the bottle just before she throws it.

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