Slumber - S3-E4

Revealing mistake: When Nicholas throws the lighter it is supposed to be lit so that it will light the gas and kill Lana but as it flips through the air, before Clark grabs it, the lighter has no flame at all.

Heat - S2-E2

Continuity mistake: When Desiree walks into Clark's barn to work on their 'student-teacher relations', she holds her hair up with her right hand as she complains about the heat. She then lets her hair down and fixes it. Cut to a different angle and she is letting her hair down once again.

Heat - S2-E2

Continuity mistake: In Jail, when the sheriff tells Chloe and Lana that visiting time is over, we see Clark holding the bars with his left hand as he tells the girls that his dad went to see Desiree. Cut to a different angle (from inside the jail cell) but now Clark is no longer holding onto the bars and only holds them a few seconds later.

Hothead - S1-E3

Deliberate mistake: The episode begins with a football game in pouring rain. After the winning goal is scored, the crowd shots show the cheerleaders' hair wet and their uniforms completely dry. (00:01:50)

Unsafe - S4-E11

Continuity mistake: After Clark heats up Alicia's cup of hot chocolate with his heat vision, the steam coming from the cup is thick and rapid in the first shot, but in the next shot hardly any steam is coming from the hot drink.

Recruit - S4-E13

Continuity mistake: After Lois and Clark find out that Cooper dies, and after Lois leaves, while Clark and Geoff talk about how Lois is trouble Geoff hair keeps going from neat to slightly messed up. When the camera is behind Clark, Geoff's hair is all shaggy on the left side of his face. When the camera is behind Geoff, his hair is fixed so that the loose strands are tucked behind his left ear. These changes repeat throughout the scene.

Krypto - S4-E14

Visible crew/equipment: As Jonathan is being attacked by Hercules you can see that Jonathan, or his stunt double, has on a arm cuff that is used for protection of attack dogs.

Resurrection - S3-E15

Continuity mistake: The bomb that Garret wears has four kryptonite section, one at each of the corners, and each section has three distinct pieces. The pieces glow only from the center core and the outer edge is only green colored and is not glowing. When the shot switches to the CG shot of Garret falling, The camera passes over and grabs the bomb and now the krptonite has a uniform glow and there are now the one block on each corner does not have the three individual pieces.

Legacy - S3-E17

Visible crew/equipment: As the FBI search the Kent's house, you can see the shadow of the camera as it moves from the kitchen to the hallway next to the stairs. The shadow appears on the right side of the arch between the kitchen and hallway. (00:17:50)

Nocturne - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: After Byron transforms, he pushes Pete through the windshield of an old car. The impact causes the front passenger door of the car to open. Yet later when Clark check up on Pete, the front passenger door is now closed.

Obsession - S3-E14

Continuity mistake: The field trip is supposed to be on the 39th floor, as stated by Clark and the sign next to the elevator. The view outside the large windows as Lionel is talking shows that they are no more than 5 stories up.

Delete - S3-E11

Audio problem: Just before Adam says "If I read something in out friendship that wasn't there." the camera shot is focused on Lana but you can see Adam's mouth in the top left of the frame. In that shot you can see Adam's mouth is saying the line before we hear it.

Skinwalker - S2-E10

Visible crew/equipment: After Joseph gets locked out of the construction site, the worker, who locked him out, walks away. All the other workers at the site are gone, but when the shot returns to Joseph you can see the shoulder of someone standing between Joseph and the gate even though there should be nobody there.

Witness - S2-E20

Audio problem: After Clark is dumped into the blast furnace and the thieves make a getaway in their truck, you can hear the sound of an accelerating engine as it's driving away, but the brake lights are on.

Smallville mistake picture

Craving - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: When Jodie hits the deer her vehicle spins out. As it is spinning the headlights are not projecting any kind of visible beam. After the car stops, and she is facing the deer she hit, the headlight is now projecting a very bright beam to illuminate the deer on the road.

Smallville mistake picture

Shimmer - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Amy is introduced, she is writing about two lines down from the top of the page in her journal. After Troy snatches it, the writing runs about halfway down the page. (00:00:35)


Lexmas - S5-E9

Continuity mistake: As Chloe is trying to get Clark to help her deliver presents Clark says "Chloe, you didn't have to go there." Right before he says this the two of them start rounding the corner to go down the next hallway. As he is saying the line they are back in the first hallway and start rounding the corner again.

Splinter - S5-E7

Revealing mistake: After Lana is warned by Chloe that Clark has gone all 'Captain Paranoid', she examines the silver 'meteor rock' more closely. We see a shot of her hand holding the 'meteor rock' but the hand that is shown is obviously not Kristin Kreuk's hand.

Gone - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: During much of the conversation between Clark and Lana, while in the caves, you can see the cave painting that matches the tattoo on Lana's back is behind her. Then, towards the end of the conversation, she is still standing in front of Clark and during the scene has not moved from that position yet, once she sees the cave painting behind Clark she walks over to it and turns around to face Clark, which puts the painting behind her even though it was already behind her before she moved.

Exile (1) - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: When Chloe and Lionel finish their discussion in the cave the shot focuses on the Naman/Segeth glyph and focuses through the glyph to a transition shot of an island that Lex is on. When we first see this island it is flat and covered with trees. The next time the island is shown there is now a large volcano/mountain that was not their when we first see the island.

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