Tomb - S5-E14

Character mistake: While Clark and Chloe are at Daily Planet, Clark asks her what is wrong with her mother. Chloe responds that her mother left when she was twelve years old. In the episode Lineage, Chloe and Clark are looking for Rachael Dunleavy and Chloe says her mother left when she was five.

Hourglass - S1-E6

Character mistake: Chloe hands Clark a newspaper with the list of jury members from Harry Volk's trial. As he reads the list he says "Rudolph Gage, Rita Garfield". After Clark realizes that his grandfather, Hiram Kent, is on the jury he hands the paper to Lana. A shot of the newspaper has the jury members listed as Randolph Gage, and Eve Garfield. Even young Harry calls her Eve when confronting Zoe at The Beanery.

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