CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 8
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7 Goodbye and Good Luck 1
8 You Kill Me 2
9 Cockroaches 0
10 Lying Down with Dogs 0
11 Bull 0
12 Grissom's Divine Comedy 1
13 A Thousand Days on Earth 0
14 Drops Out 0
15 The Theory of Everything 0
16 Two and a Half Deaths 0
17 For Gedda (1) 0
Season 9
Season 9 generally 0
1 For Warrick (2) 0
2 The Happy Place 0
3 Art Imitates Life 1
4 Let It Bleed 0
5 Leave Out All the Rest 0
6 Say Uncle 1
7 Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda 0
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Too Tough to Die - S1-E16

Character mistake: Seven minutes into the show, Sarah Sidle is about to do an internal sexual assault exam/kit on an unconscious victim in the hospital, Sarah picks up a metal speculum and says aloud to the victim (in a presumed moment of empathy), that she "never really liked this part of my yearly exam. These things are always freezing" referring to the speculum in her hands. She then brings a speculum to her mouth and begins to blow open-mouthed on it two times, forcing her hot breath on it to warm it. She then begins to insert it into the victim as the scene cuts away. This is pure stupidity, as no trained CSI would ever contaminate the tool like this. Sarah just added her own DNA to the speculum via her breath so any saliva or body fluids are now on the speculum what she is about to use on this patient, who is now also exposed to any STDs from Sarah.

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Trivia: Anthony Zuiker chose to set the series in Las Vegas because that city's crime lab is the second most active in the United States, behind the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia.

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Suckers - S4-E13

Question: After finding out that Ty was committing insurance fraud, why did Grissom walk away instead of arresting him?

Answer: He doesn't have the authority to arrest him - when anyone is arrested in the show, a police officer does it. Also he tells Ty that he is going to be submitting his case findings to Ty's insurance company, who would no doubt contact the IRS, who then would have him arrested for fraud etc.

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