CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 5
23 Iced 6
24 Grave Danger (1) 2
25 Grave Danger (2) 3
Season 6
Season 6 generally 1
1 Bodies in Motion 1
2 Room Service 1
3 Bite Me 0
4 Shooting Stars 2
5 Gum Drops 1
6 Secrets and Flies 0
7 A Bullet Runs Through It (Part 1) 1
8 A Bullet Runs Through It (Part 2) 1
9 Dog Eat Dog 0
10 Still Life 1
11 Still Life 0
12 Werewolves 0
13 Daddy's Little Girl 2
14 Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye 0
15 Killer 1
16 Pirates of the Third Reich 1

Bad Words - S4-E19

Plot hole: A central plot device in this episode is that there is no six letter word made up of the letters EXVIN, so the murdered man cheats at the word game by playing a word he knew to be inadmissible - exvin, a wine connoisseur who no longer drinks. Since he is supposed to be a stone cold killer player at this word game, don't you think he would have thought of Vixen? Sara Sidle points that word out later - why wouldn't a world champion word game player have figured it out, using a safe, common word and avoiding a possible challenge?

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Suggested correction: If you watch the episode, it shows exactly why he didn't use vixen. There were 2 spaces between the x and the n.

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Suckers - S4-E13

Question: After finding out that Ty was committing insurance fraud, why did Grissom walk away instead of arresting him?

Answer: He doesn't have the authority to arrest him - when anyone is arrested in the show, a police officer does it. Also he tells Ty that he is going to be submitting his case findings to Ty's insurance company, who would no doubt contact the IRS, who then would have him arrested for fraud etc.

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