CSI: Miami
Show generally 5
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Golden Parachute 0
2 Losing Face 0
3 Wet Foot/Dry Foot 1
4 Just One Kiss 0
5 Ashes to Ashes 0
6 Broken 0
7 Breathless 0
8 Slaughterhouse 1
9 Kill Zone 0
10 A Horrible Mind 0
11 Camp Fear 0
12 Entrance Wound 2
13 Bunk 4
14 Forced Entry 1
15 Dead Woman Walking 5
16 Evidence of Things Unseen 0
17 Simple Man 0
18 Dispo Day 1

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Lt. Horatio Caine: You're evil, you enjoy death, and I hope you enjoy your own.



After Calleigh's Hummer is hit from the rear, it is shown going into the water with no visible damage to the front of the vehicle. After the first commercial break it is being pulled from the water with a dented and buckled hood.



In the real case on which this episode was based, one of the women photographed was Nikka La Rue, whose sister Eva plays CSI Natalia Boa Vista.