CSI: Miami
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 7
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Golden Parachute 0
2 Losing Face 0
3 Wet Foot/Dry Foot 1
4 Just One Kiss 0
5 Ashes to Ashes 0
6 Broken 0
7 Breathless 0
8 Slaughterhouse 1
9 Kill Zone 0
10 A Horrible Mind 0
11 Camp Fear 0
12 Entrance Wound 2
13 Bunk 4
14 Forced Entry 1
15 Dead Woman Walking 5
16 Evidence of Things Unseen 0
17 Simple Man 0
18 Dispo Day 1

Show generally

Factual error: Calleigh Duquesne frequently wears completely inappropriate clothing throughout the whole series. She often wears blouses that are so low cut that the neckline is below the lower curve of her breasts. No officer of the court in the US would be allowed to dress this way. There is no grey area here, and this is not a character mistake - first time a CSI turned up at work dressed like that, she'd be sent home to change. Second time, she'd be on suspension until she agreed to change her dress standards. Also (and this regularly happens in CSI: NY as well) she is regularly wearing high heels - also a certain no-no for as CSI. Incidentally, male CSIs have equally strict dress standards.

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MIA/NYC – NonStop - S2-E23

Horatio Caine: Mac, I have a sixteen year old girl who is suddenly without both parents. I have promised her peace of mind.
Mac Taylor: I got an officer's widow who'd like some answers.
Mac Taylor: We got a deal.

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Question: In one episode, Delko is seen driving away from a deal gone wrong and Delko's informant is seen with him. Delko says that he doesn't feel good and passes out from blood loss causing the informant to call for 911. What episode is this and why was his informant arrested?

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