Doctor Who

Inferno - S7-E4

Revealing mistake: In episode 6, during the generally poor fight sequence between the Brigade Leader and Greg Sutton, Greg's first punch to the face misses the Brigade Leader by miles. (00:19:10)


The Monster of Peladon - S11-E4

Revealing mistake: Eckersley - who supposedly knows the mines better than even the natives of Peladon - drags the queen through the same set twice, once each way.

Planet of the Daleks - S10-E4

Visible crew/equipment: In episode four, the Dalek chasing the heroes up the ventilator shaft is supported by strings.

The Romans - S2-E4

Factual error: Nero seems to be middle-aged, but the historical Nero was 27 at the time Rome burned.

The Keys of Marinus - S1-E5

Visible crew/equipment: In episode one, when Ian is first seen inside the pyramid, someone stumbles through the background. Some have claimed this is Barbara, but it happens too fast to tell.

The Wheel in Space - S5-E7

Character mistake: The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) makes one of the funniest fluffed lines in the entire history of Doctor Who in the final episode. With all sincerity he says "We'll all be dead soon, unless you switch over to the sexual air supply." (The word Troughton was probably looking for was "sectional.").

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Attack of the Cybermen - S22-E1

Revealing mistake: When Lytton stabs the Cybercontroller, some of the Cybercontroller's 'blood' gets splashed on the camera. (The 'blood' is green-dyed water spraying from the Cybercontroller's arm.).

The War Machines - S3-E10

Factual error: The story "The War Machines" is (probably) set in London in July 1966. At the time, England, and more specifically London, was hosting the F.I.F.A. World Cup Soccer Tournament. But you wouldn't know it from watching this Doctor Who story... Sir Charles Summers mentions July 12th (1966), which was the day after England played Uruguay at Wembley and the day before Mexico played France. The other matches involving those four were played in London during the time the events of "The War Machines" are supposed to take place, but no mention is made of the fact, there are no foreign football supporters roaming the streets and no flags or posters on display. Did the story take place in an "alternate reality" London of July 1966?

Inferno - S7-E4

Revealing mistake: In episode one, a wall wobbles as Benton hammers a nail into it.

The Invisible Enemy - S15-E2

Plot hole: Why doesn't Lowe simply shoot Leela the second her back is turned? Moreover, why does he take them to get medical help? It's made clear that the virus has everything it needs on Titan.

Death to the Daleks - S11-E3

Revealing mistake: In episode three, when the root attacks the Daleks in the mining area, the string holding the root up can be seen.

Remembrance of the Daleks - S25-E1

Continuity mistake: After the Special Weapons Dalek blows up the gate to Ratcliffe's warehouse, you can see that some of the Daleks were slightly damaged by the explosion. In all the following shots, they have been repaired.


The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Revealing mistake: When Ace is being attacked by the Haemovores, she strikes one of them on the head, causing its mask to go up and revealing part of the actor's neck.

Silver Nemesis - S25-E3

Factual error: In 1638, a mathematician calculates that the asteroid will return in 350 years time, on the 23rd of November 1988. But in 1752, Britain's calendar was moved forward 11 days so that it matched with that of the Vatican. This means the asteroid would return on 4th December, so everything that is supposed to happen in this story after 1752 is 11 days out.

Battlefield - S26-E1

Deliberate mistake: Look for the "creases" in the wall inside the TARDIS, which look as if the wall was just a sheet hung up behind the console. (In fact it actually WAS a sheet and not a "solid" wall - the TARDIS wall prop was apparently unusable due to water damage, due to poor storage between seasons. This also explains the lack of TARDIS interior scenes throughout the rest of season 26: it was not thought worth repairing the TARDIS set [or building a new one] when the show was in imminent danger of being cancelled after season 26).

Four to Doomsday - S19-E2

Factual error: There are currently well over 700 different native Australian languages, and undoubtedly many more have been extinct for centuries. The chances of a 20th Century European-Australian such as Tegan being able to understand a native Australian language from around 35,000 years ago are so astronomical it is beyond belief.

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The Three Doctors - S10-E1

Revealing mistake: In episode 3, when the second Doctor, the Brigadier and Benton emerge from the TARDIS, the doors are left completely open with the camera looking straight into them for a long time, revealing not only the emptiness of the police box shell, but also that there's a pair of secret doors on the opposite side to the entrance doors. These 'secret doors' come in handy during episode 4, allowing seven people to come out of the police box in the final confrontation with Omega. (Well, it is stated time and again that the TARDIS is "bigger on the inside than the outside". Now we know how that happens...).

The Claws of Axos - S8-E3

Revealing mistake: In the UNIT tracking room, there is a flimsy railing behind the radar operators that Chinn knocks as Yates leads him off to the "direct" phone line, causing it to wobble badly. The Doctor then deals the railing another blow as he comes up to look at the console.

Matty W

Genesis of the Daleks - S12-E4

Continuity mistake: In episode 6, when the lead Dalek is saying 'Pity? I have no understanding of the word' the lights on the top of its dome stop working. They start working again in the following shot. (00:21:00)

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Inferno - S7-E4

Revealing mistake: In episode 6, when the Brigade Leader shoots the Primord Stahlmann, he falls down but no bullet holes are made in his costume. Thanks to Producer Barry Letts for spotting this one on the DVD commentary. (00:17:00)


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