Doctor Who

The Chase - S2-E8

Factual error: In episode one, Abraham Lincoln seems to have affected a southern accent and put on some weight.

Time-Flight - S19-E7

Factual error: The Pleistocene Period began around 1.8 million years ago, not 140 million years ago as stated.

Genesis of the Daleks - S12-E4

Revealing mistake: In episode 6, when the Thals detonate the charges, smoke is seen coming through the door before the detonator is pressed down. (00:19:40)

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The Caves of Androzani - S21-E6

Continuity mistake: When the Doctor is climbing through the tunnel to the Queen bat, note the question mark on his lapel: the image is reversed.

Earthshock - S19-E6

Revealing mistake: When Lieutenant Scott kills the second Cyberman on the bridge, he starts falling down way too early.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs - S11-E2

Revealing mistake: When Grover and Whitaker struggle over the time machine at the very end of episode six, the console wobbles and jerks as though it were very lightweight.

Carnival of Monsters - S10-E2

Audio problem: About 10 minutes into episode 1, the sound of a pencil being dropped and rolling across the studio floor can be heard. (00:10:00 - 00:11:00)

The Sea Devils - S9-E3

Plot hole: The Doctor and the Master both surface in bright orange diving suits and are the only two wearing them. But when the supposed body of the Master is dragged out it is also wearing an orange diving suit, and the Doctor and Master are still wearing theirs, so a third suit appeared from nowhere.

Battlefield - S26-E1

Continuity mistake: When the roof falls on Ace and Shou Yuing, Ace's face gets covered in dark streaks, which mysteriously disappear soon afterwards.

The Robots of Death - S14-E5

Revealing mistake: In Episode 3, when Dask is cutting the wires, the second explosion happens too early.

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The Caves of Androzani - S21-E6

Revealing mistake: When Peri falls into the spectrox nest, watch for her to reappear as she bounces off a mattress.

The Hand of Fear - S14-E2

Revealing mistake: At the climax, when the Doctor and Sarah are setting up the scarf trap, the Doctor bumps a rock, which wobbles.

The Underwater Menace - S4-E5

Continuity mistake: In Episode 1, the TARDIS crew pass out from the change in pressure as they descend into the Earth. However, at the end of episode four, they climb out on foot and suffer no ill effects.

The Seeds of Death - S6-E5

Revealing mistake: When Jamie is wrestling with one of the Ice Warriors in a storage room, one of them gives the wall an almighty knock and it nearly falls down.

The Happiness Patrol - S25-E2

Plot hole: In episode 1, on both occasions that Silas P presents his card (first to Daphne S, then later to the Doctor), he gives it to his victims the wrong way around. They have to surreptitiously turn it over so that the side with his name on it is facing them, and then act surprised when he tells them to flip the card over to reveal the words "Happiness Patrol Undercover", as if they hadn't seen it before.

The Awakening - S21-E2

Other mistake: What happens to Tegan's bag when the plague victim transforms into the cavalier? It doesn't appear to be left behind, even when the cavalier later vanishes.

Matty W

The Chase - S2-E8

Continuity mistake: When the Doctor and Ian encounter the Frankenstein monster in episode four, you can see a Dalek behind them, even though it's long before the Daleks arrive in this time zone.


The Horns of Nimon - S17-E5

Other mistake: In episode 3, watch the scene where the co-pilot is shooting; you can see his pants rip straight down the seam at the back - which unfortunately happens to be the part of him facing the camera at the time. He then wanders around for most of the rest of the episode with the tear in his pants plainly visible.

The Twin Dilemma - S21-E7

Plot hole: Peri makes no mention of the Doctor's heroic sacrifice on her behalf, nor thanks him for it (no wonder he's touchy).

Survival - S26-E4

Continuity mistake: In episode 2 of "Survival", Midge is captured, and the sabre tooth he's carrying gets knocked to the ground. Neither he nor the Master pick it up before they teleport to Earth. Yet in Episode 3, the Master is able to present the sabre tooth to Midge as he's about to ride his motorbike towards the Doctor.

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