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Code of Honor - S1-E4

Corrected entry: Near the end of the episode Picard directs Lutan and Hagon into the observation lounge - when they leave the bridge the two of them go first, but a split second later when they cut to a shot of the lounge, Picard arrives first and they come in after him - how did Picard get in front of them?

Correction: In the blueprints that come with the Star Trek Collectors Edition Magazine, there's a short corridor between the Bridge and the Lounge, which also leads to what appears to be a bathroom.

The Battle - S1-E9

Corrected entry: Riker locks a tractor beam on the Stargazer with its shields up, even though it is established TNG-era tractor beams can't do that.

Correction: It has also been established that as time passes in the TNG universe, new technology allows them to overcome older technology. For example, they are unable to beam through shields, but in several episodes they manage to do it anyway because of inferior/flawed technology. Remember, the Stargazer is an old ship and its shield technology is outdated.

When The Bough Breaks - S1-E17

Corrected entry: The Aldeans offer to provide the Federation with extensive scientific knowledge in exchange for children, because the Aldeans are barren. Troi, Crusher, and Riker reject this offer immediately, and the Aldenas kidnap seven children from the Enterprise. It's totally understandable that the crew of the Enterprise would be unwilling to part with their children. But are there not any human or humanoid children living as underpriveliged orphans, either in the Federation or under the awareness thereof? Surely there are many children who would benefit greatly from being raised on Aldea, even though no such children were on the Enterprise. The Dominion war and the Cardassian occupation of Bajor orphaned thousands. And surely, if given a choice, at least some of these children would choose to live in a place with new parents who would love and pamper them, thus avoiding any moral dilemmas.


Correction: That would be selling children: slavery. Giving children in exchange for scientific knowledge is the selling a person. The Federation cannot interfere in the societies of non-federation planets: The prime directive. They cannot simply take Bajoran war orphans and take them to Aldea. And even if they could, no society would exchange their orphans for the knowledge, see above reason. The Aldeans are unable to have children because their planetary cloaking device has rendered it impossible for them to have children. It sterilized them. They will no longer use the cloaking device for this reason. It would doom any child brought to their planet to the same fate. That is why they gave the kids back instead of fighting. The cloak will no longer be used: therefore, the planet's location will no longer be secret. Since it will no longer be secret, families will be able to immigrate to the planet and the Aldeans can teach them.


Correction: The Enterprise simply could have been responding to a false alarm at the end of this episode.

Where No One Has Gone Before - S1-E6

Corrected entry: While the starship Enterprise is (at first) flung only two million light years away, it is stated that it would take over three hundred years to return to the Federation. This is, of course, ridiculous, when compared with the time scale associated with the 70,000 light year jump in Voyager.

Correction: This wouldn't be a mistake on the Next Generation as much as it would be on Voyager, since this episode was made several years before Voyager.

Heart of Glory - S1-E20

Corrected entry: The Klingon Korris makes reference to the Klingons' homeworld as "Kling." - "I refuse to let the traitors of Kling pick the meat from my bones." This is the first and only time the Klingon home planet is called "Kling" - it is later "officially" named Qo'noS in the sixth Star Trek movie.

Correction: They actually say "Kli", not "Kling". It's like "Earth" and "Terra" - two names for the same planet. But if you analyse the word klingon, the litteral translation to english is "inhabitant of Kli". With this same rule, humans (terrans) are called "terrangans" in the klingan english dictionary.

Correction: Everything in the Holodeck starts out Holographic, until someone interacts with it. The replicators can easily replicate water, so the water that Wesley had on him was real.


Correction: Starfleet officers use universal translators to communicate with unfamiliar alien species. Since Lutan and Hagon are aliens (they look human, but in reality they are from Ligon II and Picard only mentions they are "similar" to an older Earth culture) they would most likely speak English only when talking with Starfleet officers, like Picard, and revert to their native language when talking amongst themselves (especially on their own world, where the scene was taking place). It's possible, then, the two were talking in their own language, which would be translated into English automatically while Picard was overhearing them, similar to a badly dubbed foreign film.

Skin of Evil - S1-E23

Corrected entry: When starting the warp-core the matter / antimatter is injected in the ratio 25:1. Four episodes earlier (S01-18, Coming of Age) Wesley solves the trick question at the Starfleet entrance exam with the only solution : The ratio has to be 1:1. (00:05:05)

Correction: Is this the proper ratio for a Galaxy class or a generic warp core? 1701-D is Starfleet's newest, most advanced vessel. It's possible that her core uses a different procedure for start up. Also, academies historically use older equipment for training purposes, since the state of the art is "on the front lines", making it even more likely that procedures on Enterprise are different from those in other vessels.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: I thought so too, but if you listen very closely, he does say "I am". He is speaking quickly, so it can be hard to make out.

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Skin of Evil - S1-E23

Corrected entry: Geordi's phaser falls out when the away team moves to help Riker and gets sand on it. After Picard beams down it's back in Geordi's holster, clean and shiny.

Correction: It was several minutes before Picard beamed down, more than enough time for Geordi to pick up his phaser and dust it off.

Correction: Riker not only says that he reviewed the logs; he is also seen actively doing so on orders from the Captain. But more importantly, he never states that he was unaware that Troi was on board, he merely pauses and stares at her when they meet. This is because Riker and Troi have a romantic history together, so it is natural for him to have an emotional reaction when they meet again. To say that Riker was unaware of Troi's presence is an assumption, nothing more.


Correction: When in the episode is the model described as being of the Enterprise? Not an error.


Correction: True, but Daimon is the Ferengi equivalent of a Starfleet Captain.

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Correction: With our non-advanced technology, we should know what effect we're having on our environment, but we seem to be doing a pretty good job of being in denial about it.


Correction: While it is true that the computer said right rather than left, Riker turned around in the intersection facing the way he came, so the hatch was on his right. It seems thought the computer gave directions a beat before he turned, but the result is the same.

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The result may be the same, but the original entry is (I should use another word maybe) right. As the correction itself says, the computer says the word "Right", and does it while Riker is walking down the corridor. There is no way it would predict that Riker then would stop after the instruction has been issued and face another direction, and at the point where he stops, the hatchway is not directly to his right, but rather behind him so he has to turn, walk a few steps, still to his left. Sure turning 270° right can produce the same result as turning 90° left, but I wouldn't say is correct.

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The Last Outpost - S1-E5

Corrected entry: Data lists the colours of the German Flag in the wrong order. He says 'red, black and gold' - it has to be 'black, red and gold'. It's a little embarrassing for his historical data banks. (00:07:55)

Correction: He lists the correct colors of the flag, so technically that is not a mistake.

The Royale - S2-E12

Factual error: 30 seconds in Geordi says: 'surface temperature -291 degrees Celsius'. (The scale only goes down to -273.15 which is absolute zero). (00:00:30)

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Deja Q - S3-E13

Picard: Return that moon to its orbit.
Q: I have no powers! Q, the ordinary!
Picard: Q, the liar! Q, the misanthrope!
Q: Q, the miserable! Q, the desperate! What must I do to convince you people?
Worf: Die.

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The Measure of a Man - S2-E9

Trivia: When Riker views Data's file on his computer, Data is listed as "NFN NMI Data." This stands for "no first name" and "no middle initial."

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Show generally

Question: Were people able to "lock" the Holodeck doors so that others couldn't just walk in on them? I don't recall an episode where the doors were locked that wasn't because of some malfunction. It seems like Lieutenant Barclay, for example, would either lock the doors during his "fantasies" or have some "fail-safe" that shuts the program off when being walked in on. Otherwise, it's just a really dumb thing to do (for him or anyone playing out a fantasy) knowing they could easily be caught.


Answer: Yes. The doors to the holodecks can be locked when in use by anyone aboard the Enterprise so they couldn't be disturbed. However, high ranking officers like Captain Picard could override the doors as it's seen that overrides are in use even for the crews quarters. Even Barclay, when he's indulging in one of his fantasies could have the doors to the holodeck unlocked by an override code.

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