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Correction: How is this a mistake? Since we know nothing about the futuristic material used, there's no reason it couldn't look like metal but move like leather.

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Corrected entry: Even though living matter, especially complex living matter, cannot be created and taken out of the holodeck, the ship's replicators can create food which includes meat, salad, etc.

Correction: The ship's replicators are capable of synthesizing proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids to effectively create something that is very close to the taste, texture, and nutritional value of real food. Creating an actual living organism, however, is beyond the capabilities of replicators. Also, food created in the holodeck for consumption is replicated food, not holographic food.

Correction: The ship is, technically, *not* travelling faster than light. The warp engines bend space-time and shorten the distance the ship has to travel. Since this technology is entirely fictitious, how objects existing outside the ship's warp field [stars, planets, other ships, etc] appear is entirely up to the creators.

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Corrected entry: In series 7, episode "The Pegasus" it is revealed that it has been 9 years since Riker served above The Pegasus. It is also stated that this was Riker's first position since leaving the academy. By this point in the series, Riker must have been the Enterprise's 1st officer for at least a few years (probably 7 as this is the 7th series, but let's say 4, as a timescale is rarely mentioned in the whole series). Furthermore he was already a 1st officer before he got the gig on the flagship, so let's say he was already a 1st officer for a year before TNG. So if he has been a 1st officer for 5 years, are we to assume that it only took 4 years after graduation for Riker to go from cadet to commander? Also, Riker was offered his own command in series three, meaning that it would have only taken him around 6 years to become captain. There's an episode where Data told Q that in order to be captain it takes years after leaving the academy - he definitely says one would have to spend 8-12 years in the lieutenant grades alone. Riker is good, but he's not that good.

Correction: There is not a formula for how fast someone get promoted, it's based on a lot of things, not just years of service, or years at a certain rank. Since we do not have all of the information, we do not know the reasons why he may have been promoted faster than the typical person.


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Corrected entry: Anytime the crew is faced with a person that claims to be a time traveller or a crew member acts different and claims it's from time displacement the rest of the crew's first response is skepticism. Why? On average, the Enterprise gang deals with time travel once or twice a month. One would think the logical response would be to say "OK, someone grab a tricorder and lets scan for time travel events." This is especially evident in the series finale.

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Correction: Let's start with the time travellers and time displacements that happen on the ship, excluding the final episode. I can't think of a single example were the individual wasn't believed (with a little proof), outside of the episode dealing with Worf and quantum realities. But there, he wasn't traveling through time, but through different realities and he thought he was going crazy. Travellers and displacments off the ship: It isn't a simple tricoder scan that tells them about the time displacments. They need deep medical scans, something the tricoder is unable to provide. The series finale: Picard didn't reveal to the past Enterprise about his time shifts: He didn't want to pollute the time line. He informed the present Enterprise and they began to look for proof that it happened. He informed the future crew and they disbelieved because of his degenerative disease. His *** syndrome had effects on the brain including psycosis. The future believed that it was his disease taking full effect.


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Corrected entry: Throughout the entire Star Trek series, space explosions, weapons fire, ship engines, etc. can be heard in many shots originating in space. However, in space there is no sound. These events should be silent.

Correction: True, but this mistake is true for virtually all sci-fi movies and tv shows, so producers need to be given creative license in this area for dramatic effect.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the Star Trek series, when there is a medical emergency or a security situation, why don't they use the site to site transporters to get people to where they need to be? Seconds matter in an emergency but they take the time to move injured people via the corridors.

Correction: Site-to-site transports require a great deal of power, so are only used in absolute emergencies. Generally speaking, if there are injuries on board, the Enterprise would almost certainly have taken damage and will probably be in an alert status, where power will be required for the primary systems like the shields, engines and weapons. As such, the necessary power to perform site-to-site transports would not be made available except in cases of the utmost urgency. Additionally, site-to-site transports require two steps (site A to buffers, then buffers to site B), and the show establishes that transporting seriously injured people is dangerous, so doing it twice is even more so.

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Corrected entry: The Enterprise has an automatic fire extinguishing system, utilized in "Up The Long Ladder", but apparently is very selective when it want to put fires out. It never puts out fires in many other episodes, be it a fire from a candle (Firstborn), a bonfire (Masks), or an out of control fire (Masks), just to name a few.

Correction: If a person has a need or a desire to disable the fire suppression system they can do. The Candles feature alot in Klingon culture & as such Worf uses them alot, other people on the ship could also use them for their religious ceremonies & as the Federation is a great believer in all sorts of freedoms & personal expressions they let people celebrate things how they want as long as it doesn't endanger people. The fire suppression system (like other systems on the ship) is also prone to damage & invasion by other, older computer programes (remember "Contagion") which could stop it from operating

Correction: When Spot has her kittens Data says to someone. "She is not a he after all". Even Data makes mistakes.

The Royale - S2-E12

Factual error: 30 seconds in Geordi says: 'surface temperature -291 degrees Celsius'. (The scale only goes down to -273.15 which is absolute zero). (00:00:30)

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Relics - S6-E4

Scotty: [to Holodeck Computer] The Enterprise. Show me the bridge of the Enterprise, ya chatterin' piece o'...
Computer: There have been five Federation vessels with that name. Please state by registry number.
Scotty: [slowly] N, C, C, 1, 7, 0, 1. No bloody A, B, C, or D.

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The Measure of a Man - S2-E9

Trivia: When Riker views Data's file on his computer, Data is listed as "NFN NMI Data." This stands for "no first name" and "no middle initial."

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Skin of Evil - S1-E23

Question: Near the end when they are in the holodeck for the memorial ceremony for Lt. Yar, Dr. Crusher's uniform is green and seconds later it is blue. After watching it several times, it does not appear to be a trick of the light. What happened here? Why would she have on a green uniform in the first place?


Chosen answer: The uniform does indeed change colour. It may be due to the need for a green screen in part, or perhaps some lighting altering our perception. That being said, it certainly looks green at the start, blue thereafter.

The show has been done in HD now and not sure if they fix this problem.


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