Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Best of Both Worlds (1) - S3-E26

Corrected entry: When Riker beams down, his right leg is straight. When he materializes, it's bent.

Movie Nut

Correction: We've seen numerous instances on the show where people are able to move during transport. There's an entire episode dedicated to Mr. Barkley's being able to move around inside the transporter beam.

Jason Hoffman

Deja Q - S3-E13

Corrected entry: Q talks about changing the moon's gravitational constant, and thus "altering its mass." Scientifically, changing gravitational attraction wouldn't affect its mass.

Correction: Q actually said "Change the gravitational constant of the UNIVERSE." In other words, change the law of gravity so that it functions differently and the moon's relative mass effectively changes, something members of the Q continuum are capable of.

Yesterday's Enterprise - S3-E15

Corrected entry: When Tasha Yar and company first exit Ten Forward in the alternate timeline, watch through the doors as they open. An extra can be seen stood still in midstride in the passageway, before nervously noticing that the doors have already opened and that she has missed her cue to begin walking past. She then begins purposefully marching down the passage.

Correction: I just watched this scene like 20 times and watched the entire episode to make sure it wasn't a similar scene. This doesn't happen.

The High Ground - S3-E12

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the episode after the explosion, Dr Crusher wants to stay and tend to the wounded despite the danger of further explosions/terrorist attacks. Picard, Data, and Worf all tell her to go back to the Enterprise but she refuses. This leaves a perfect opportunity for her to be kidnapped. If she had just beamed the five or six wounded people injured people to the Enterprise sickbay, she would not only have removed herself from danger but also have taken the wounded to a state-of-the-art medical facility instead of feeling around for broken bones and telling them not to worry about the gaping bloody holes in their bodies.


Correction: It's been stated numerous times in Trek history that beaming someone who is severely injured is potentially dangerous. It would have been irresponsible of her to beam them without first ascertaining their physical state and stabilizing their conditions.

JC Fernandez

Yesterday's Enterprise - S3-E15

Corrected entry: Throughout the episode, Lt. Richard Castillo wears a Type 2 phaser, which was seen in Star Trek II. He should wear the phaser introduced in Star Trek V, or any phaser consistent to the timeline. The movie [ST V] and the episode were shot in the same year. The old phaser is clearly visible in the sickbay scene at 18:18. (00:18:15)

Correction: You are assuming that when a new piece of equipment is issued, it immediately replaces older versions throughout Star Fleet. In the Star Trek Universe, it has been shown that these sorts of changes take time. For instance, in the original series, the Pilot-syle uniforms were seen as late as the second season. If an officer is used to a particular style of phaser, he may very well continue using it even if there is a newer version available.

Booby Trap - S3-E6

Corrected entry: It's a given that the Enterprise had the ability to use phasers to fire at the aceton collectors, but since they run on energy, why didn't they use photon torpedoes to destroy the collectors? They don't rely on regular energy, but explosive force to do their destructive capabilities. Even those collectors wouldn't be able to withstand a matter/anti-matter explosion of a photon torpedo without any type of shielding.


Correction: A matter/anti-matter explosion still releases energy that other collectors would use. Matter/anti-matter explosions is how they power the ship, by harnessing the power from the explosion.

Evolution - S3-E1

Corrected entry: About halfway through the episode, Wesley comes to the realization that his nanites are causing the malfunctions on the ship, because they escaped from the lab. Shouldn't he at least have know that the nanites had escaped, when he awoke at the beginning of the episode and found that the container had been left open? He might not have known they would become destructive, but he would have known they had escaped.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: He knew they had escaped the container, not the lab. According to his dialogue with Guinan, the nanites were supposed to be confined to the lab.

JC Fernandez

Who Watches The Watchers - S3-E4

Corrected entry: Picard decided to beam the leader of the village to the Enterprise. While on the bridge, he orders Data to beam her directly to transporter room one as soon as she is alone. Picard goes to the transporter room, tells the crewman he will handle this himself, and then proceeds to beam her up without notifying Data not to do so.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: He commed Data while en route to the Transporter Room.

JC Fernandez

The Vengance Factor - S3-E9

Corrected entry: Crusher asks the computer for, and gets, the clan affiliation of three different Acamarians. Then she asks if any of the Acamarian delegation are from the Trakesta clan and the computer says it has no information on clan affiliations.

Correction: No, Crusher asks if any are from the 'Tralesta' clan. The computer replies 'Clan affiliation is not within provided records', meaning the information requested in her last question has not been provided to Starfleet by the Acamarians. The earlier information was regarding a different clan, and was provided and thus available. The computer answered the question correctly, if not fully by leaving the word 'Tralesta' off the front of the sentence.


Who Watches The Watchers - S3-E4

Corrected entry: Supposedly the model in Picard's ready room is of the Stargazer, NCC-2893. But in a closeup when he is talking to Nuria, the model number shown is NCC-7100.

Correction: Incorrect. At no time in the series was the miniature specifically referred to as the Stargazer. It is, however, a model of the same class of starship as the Stargazer, and since the miniature sits in Picard's ready-room, folks assume it is the Stargazer. Its registry indicates, however, that it is another ship entirely. Perhaps Picard came upon this model by chance, and because it is the same class as his old ship, he keeps it as a memento of his time there.


Evolution - S3-E1

Corrected entry: As the Enterprise twists so that she is facing away from the matter stream as it is drawn in, Picard orders "reverse engines." That would drive her closer into the stream, not further away.

Correction: Picard orders 'reverse engines' when the ship is oriented just about parallel to the stream. Geordi apparently misunderstands amid the noise of the engine room, answering 'Initiating reverse sequence now', then the ship turns to face away from the stream (apparently the 'reverse sequence' is akin to 'reverse course', not 'reverse engines'). On the bridge, Picard realizes they are drifting rearward into the stream. He doesn't seem upset that Geordi didn't correctly follow the order, but then his focus is on the imminent danger the ship is in. No error.


Transfigurations - S3-E25

Corrected entry: Data says that the star they're looking at may be, "a neutron star, possibly a pulsar." Pulsars and neutron stars are the same thing.

Correction: A pulsar is a particular kind of neutron star - not all neutron stars are pulsars.


Allegiance - S3-E18

Corrected entry: The fake Picard in Ten-Forward says that drinks are on him, and everyone cheers. Why? Drinks are free there.

Correction: Whilst the Federation doesn't use money other cultures do (Quarks bar on DS9 takes money) & Guinan keeps ten forward stocked with alcoholic drinks (not just synthehol) that would come from these cultures & would need to pay them so would have a need to charge for these drinks.

Who Watches The Watchers - S3-E4

Corrected entry: The Mintakans are stated to be at Bronze Age level of technology. However, while Riker is escaping with the injured Palmer, the pursuing Mintakan is carrying a 20th-century compound bow (a bow with pulleys). It is simply not possible to make a compound bow with Bronze Age technology.

Correction: Pulleys can be made of wood. The strength\flexibility of the alien wood is unknown. I see no connection between bronze age and a compound bow. Just because no one on Earth had one in the bronze age doesn't mean every single species in the universe is incapable of making one.


Hollow Pursuits - S3-E21

Corrected entry: When checking out the anti-grav unit Geordi and Reg refer to a "flow capacitator." But when discussing it later on the holodeck, Reg calls it a "flux capacitator" (like in "Back to the Future").

Correction: It could be a mistake by Barclay, he is often making verbal slips, or he may just be using fake technobabel in his fantasy world.

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