Star Trek: The Next Generation

Heart of Glory - S1-E20

Continuity mistake: As Data, Geordi, and Will pause to consider a route around Engineering section, the smoky mist is chest high. After the angle change it's thinner and shin height.

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Heart of Glory - S1-E20

Continuity mistake: On the freighter, when Geordi looks at Data, the image on the Bridge view screen has Data's hair in an unkempt, or unusual style. When the scene shifts back to the freighter, Data's hair is straight back.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation mistake picture

Heart of Glory - S1-E20

Visible crew/equipment: When Worf addresses Klingon captain K'Nera, a microphone dips into the shot over Worf's head. (00:33:10)

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Picard: Return that moon to its orbit.
Q: I have no powers! Q, the ordinary!
Picard: Q, the liar! Q, the misanthrope!
Q: Q, the miserable! Q, the desperate! What must I do to convince you people?
Worf: Die.



The cast really are very good friends. At LeVar Burton's wedding in 1992, the best man was Brent Spiner and the ushers were Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn. And when Brent Spiner recorded an album (Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back), the backing groups listed as The Sunspots are again the male members of the bridge crew.