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The One With Rachel's Other Sister - S9-E8

Corrected entry: Just before Rachel pushes the plate off of the table, you can see Jennifer Aniston look behind her to check the position of the plate. It's really obvious.

Correction: She is not looking for the position of the plate, she is looking to see what she can get better leverage on.

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The One With Rachel's Other Sister - S9-E8

Corrected entry: When Phoebe is teaching Joey how to lie, look carefully at the plates on the table behind her. There are three plates, the next time you see them they all have napkins on them, then in the next shot (with the plates) only the one closest to the camera has a napkin on it. Also this plate is one of Monica's good plates, yet when Joey sits down later, it is a red plate.


Correction: When she was done setting the table, it's very likely that Monica thought something like "Wait - I don't think I should trust Joey with a good plate", and just replaced it with a red one.

The One With Rachel's Other Sister - S9-E8

Corrected entry: Phoebe tells Joey he doesn't know how to lie and that he doesn't sound convincing. However in The One With The Soap Opera Party Joey lies to the guys and they buy it, also he says that he's been doing it for years.

Correction: Joey is a natural liar as evidenced by his behaviour all through the show. He lies to and about women, he lied on his resume and has commented on it more than once. He lied when he was pretending to be Chandlers colleague. The issue in this case is that Joey can't think on his feet when he suddenly needs an excuse.


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