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Augusto Odone: Michaela! They are the same enzyme! There is one enzyme for both chains. It's the same bloody enzyme.

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Lieutenant Max Hoover: See, that's federal property. This isn't. This is L.A. This is my town. Out here you're a trespasser. Out here I can pick you up, burn your house, fuck your wife, and kill your dog. And the only thing that'll protect you is if I can't find you. And I already found you.

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Phillip Elliott: Hell coach, I love needles.

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Tom Wingo: Let's face it, Lowenstein. Women are more devious than men. You're great at hiding things. You keep secrets. You smile when you lie. You expect a man to be a tower of strength. When he's got a few weaknesses and insecurities, what do you do? You turn around, and goddamn it, you betray him.

Susan Lowenstein: Just admit it. You love her more.
Tom Wingo: No. Not more, Lowenstein. Only longer.

Tom Wingo: You have to be patient with me, Lila. You've done a lot to piss me off.

Tom Wingo: Now girls, have I ever told you the facts of life?
Jennifer Wingo: Oh, not this again.
Tom Wingo: Stay away from boys 'cause they are all disgusting, self-indulgent beasts that pee on bushes and pick their noses.

Eddie Detreville: How's Savannah? When can I see her?
Tom Wingo: I don't know, Eddie. It's like talking to a fern.
Eddie Detreville: Well, I'm glad she's improving.

Tom Wingo: You do have a sense of humor! I was beginning to think you had it surgically removed.

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Alex Jurel: There's nothing worse than a female lawyer with a cause.
Lisa: Except a male teacher without one.

Dr. Donna Burke: We, the board members present, think that you should tender your resignation.
Alex Jurel: My resignation? What for?
Dr. Donna Burke: Because, Mr. Jurel, no-one here wants to go through the pain of firing you.

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Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: The only time you should start worrying about a soldier is when they stop bitchin'.

Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: You feel like a son to me, John. You know what my son does? He's a bait salesman.

Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: Come on, men, let's go! You're gonna see plenty more of these where we're goin'! Are we going up this hill or aren't we?

Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: You're Greek, aren't you, Captain? Did you ever read Homer? We read Homer at the Point. In Greek.

Lt. Col. Gordon Tall: This is very important decision you're makin', Staros.

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Stephen Katz: Not bad looking, huh?
Bill Bryson: That depends.
Stephen Katz: You know what I look for in a female these days? A heartbeat and a full set of limbs.
Bill Bryson: Well, most people lower their standards as they age.
Stephen Katz: Yeah?
Bill Bryson: You've actually raised yours.

Bill Bryson: Katz, you still there?
Stephen Katz: Unfortunately.

Stephen Katz: How do you know all this stuff?
Bill Bryson: Well, there are these things called books.
Stephen Katz: Oh, No kidding, they're called books?
Bill Bryson: Yeah, they're like TV for smart people.

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Tom Conlon: So you gonna ask about her, or you just gonna sit there all sober?
Paddy Conlon: I know.
Tom Conlon: Oh you know. What do you know? You know it wasn't enough to drive west to get away from you? When we hit the water we drove north, too.
Paddy Conlon: When I get sober I hired a man to find you.
Tom Conlon: Is that one of the 12 steps? Or does a guy like you get 24?

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