48 Hrs.

48 Hrs. (1982)

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Factual error: In the scene where Cates and the other two detectives go to the hotel to arrest Ganz and Billy for credit card fraud, it's highly unlikely that detectives would go alone to question or apprehend suspects without patrol units being with them in case of danger. Furthermore, that isn't even a job that detectives would get involved in, unless they are robbery fraud detectives.

Continuity mistake: In one scene, Nick Nolte is driving Eddie Murphy around in a convertible. First you see Murphy in handcuffs, then no cuffs, he's got one arm on the back of the seat, and then back with the handcuffs on.

Continuity mistake: In the middle of the film, Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy are following Murphy's car that was in storage for several years and became very dirty. However, earlier in the film long before Murphy's car is picked up in the garage, there is a scene of Nick Nolte driving through the streets of San Francisco with Murphy's dirty car in the scene. It is the exact same scene, used twice.

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Suggested correction: Although both shots are very similar, they're different scenes with different cars and the dirty Porsche is nowhere to be seen in the first scene.


At 30:02, Eddie Murphy's car can be seen in traffic 2 cars ahead of Nolte and Murphy. It is the same Porsche with the same dust covering the car.

Nope. Two cars ahead is a green car. Plus all the cars have roofs, and the Porsche doesn't.


Factual error: When Gantz fires Nolte's gun at Nolte, he fires 8 bullets out of a six shooter. (00:18:45)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, as Jack (Nick Nolte) and Reggie (Eddie Murphy) are chasing down Ganz through Chinatown, there's a shot of Ganz's silhouette holding up his gun and slowly cocking back the hammer. As Reggie runs through the alley, Ganz knocks him down, jumps on top of him and you see and hear him cock the hammer on the gun back a second time - even though Ganz has not fired a shot during this sequence.

Revealing mistake: During the Eddie and Nick fight scene, you can clearly see the stuntman for Eddie. He looks nothing like him.

Reggie: There's a new sheriff in town. And, his name is Reggie Hammond.

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Trivia: Sonny Landham plays Billy. He meets his end when he is faced with an opponent who out matches him. But right before he does, he bravely takes out a large knife and decides to challenge his opponent anyway, coming to a rather quick demise. In the movie Predator, Sonny Landham again plays a character named Billy, who meets his demise in a very similar fashion. Shirtless and brave again, he brandishes what appears to be the same large knife to challenge an opponent who has the upper hand. And loses again.


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