Continuity mistake: During the scene when Martin and Cray are in the morgue, Cray throws the baseball bat at Martin. When Cray throws it it is upside down but when Martin catches it, it is rightside up. However, you never see the bat flip.

Continuity mistake: When the main character goes to check the place where the dead bodies lie, after having seen the red light flash, the rope above the supposedly dead body is still swinging. If you keep watching it you can see that it keeps moving with the same frequency.

Factual error: When we see the detective pour the sample of Martin's sperm onto Joyce's body, the liquid is thick and bright white, like PVA glue; however the detective acquired the sample several hours earlier, and ejaculate loses that appearance/consistency almost immediately (30 minutes at most), becoming thinner and almost transparent.


Continuity mistake: The prostitute at the beginning of the film, who is attacked while on a table playing dead for her client, grabs the ceiling fan cord and pulls repeatedly to try and pull herself away from him. The fan, which is directly above her, comes loose and falls, yet when it crashes to the floor, it lands away from the far end of the table, when it should have landed almost directly on top of her.


Martin Bells: You're a fucking nutcase.
James Gallman: That's Mr. Fucking Nutcase to you.

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Question: Who is the man in the picture in the office of the hospital? Is it supposed to be Nick Nolte when he was young, working as the night watchman?

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: It is intended as a nod to the original 1994 version of the film, which supposedly featured the same picture in the watchman's booth.


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