A soon to graduate Law student takes a part time job as a Nightwatchman.Beliving he'll be able to sit on his ass and study with his biggest problem being his paranoia in this scary setting.
Only to find himself drawn into the mobid history of this morgue...concerning a previous troubled nightwatchman raping female corpses, could this same person behind the series of grisly serial slayings that are occuring in the city the student dwells in? Is the history really gone and forgotten? And why is the student finding himself disturbingly connected to these killings?
Somehow or other this student must turn have-ago-detective...otherwise...he'll end up in jail...or worse...become this deranged serial murderers final victim in a twisted morbid masterpiece


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Martin Bells: You're a fucking nutcase.
James Gallman: That's Mr. Fucking Nutcase to you.

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Question: Who is the man in the picture in the office of the hospital? Is it supposed to be Nick Nolte when he was young, working as the night watchman?

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: It is intended as a nod to the original 1994 version of the film, which supposedly featured the same picture in the watchman's booth.


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