Warrior (2011)


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Bryan Callen: Tommy Riordan's captured the media's attention, but the question still remains: who is this guy? And more importantly, can he compete in this talent pool? Can he win?
Sam Sheridan: I wish I knew, Bryan. I wish I knew who he was, and I've gotta say the fact that I don't know is strange. In an internet age where there are no secrets, this guy is a complete mystery. I can't find out anything about him. Tommy Riordan is officially Google proof.

Principal Zito: You got no business in the ring with those animals.
Brendan Conlon: Actually, I used to be one of those animals.

Tom Conlon: Not much of a woman's touch around here.
Paddy Conlon: No women for me anymore, Tommy.
Tom Conlon: Yeah. Must be tough to find a girl who could take a punch nowadays.

Paddy Conlon: Listen to me. I thought maybe we could break bread. You know, just open some lines of communication.
Brendan Conlon: You got two lines of communication. You got the telephone and the post office.

Brendan Conlon: I know this isn't a great time. And it's too bad about Marco. But what about me?
Frank Campana: You talking about Sparta? Brendan, please. You got a better chance of starting a boy band.

Tom Conlon: I'm serious. We train. That's it. I don't wanna hear a word about anything but training, you understand? You wanna tell your war stories, you can take 'em down to the VFW. You can take 'em to a meeting, or church, or wherever the hell it is you go nowadays.

Brendan Conlon: God, man, I don't understand this. You won't forgive me, but you'll forgive Pop?
Tom Conlon: Shit. He's just some old vet I train with. He means nothing to me. From what I hear he means nothing to you, either, so you got balls talking about forgiveness.

Paddy Conlon: Ahab! You Godless sonofabitch! You stop the ship, you Godless sonofabitch.

Frank Campana: You gotta relax and stay calm in there. The cage is your home. You set the pace. You set the rhythm. Feel the Beethoven. Be smarter than him, more patient. Wait for him to make a mistake. And when he does, that's your moment.

Principal Zito: Let me get this straight. You want to use the auditorium to watch a suspended teacher engage in the activity he was suspended for? Am I hearing this correctly?

Paddy Conlon: I've got a thousand days. A thousand days sober today.
Brendan Conlon: Well, that's great, Pop. But it doesn't change anything.
Paddy Conlon: What do you mean it doesn't change anything? Have a heart, Brendan.
Brendan Conlon: You listen to me. You take your have-a-heart bullshit and you run it down the road. Run it out on someone who doesn't know you like I do.

Tom Conlon: You had a choice, okay. You had a choice.

Tom Conlon: So you gonna ask about her, or you just gonna sit there all sober?
Paddy Conlon: I know.
Tom Conlon: Oh you know. What do you know? You know it wasn't enough to drive west to get away from you? When we hit the water we drove north, too.
Paddy Conlon: When I get sober I hired a man to find you.
Tom Conlon: Is that one of the 12 steps? Or does a guy like you get 24?

Bryan Callen: I'll tell you what: you do that to someone on the street and they'd lock you up and throw away the key! Break out the yellow tape, Sam. Tommy's walking away from the cage like he's leaving a crime scene.

Bryan Callen: Lock up the china because the boys are at it again.

Brendan Conlon: I popped his shoulder.
Frank Campana: Relax. Breathe.
Brendan Conlon: I heard it tear.
Frank Campana: You popped his shoulder? Good. I want you to pop his other shoulder.

Paddy Conlon: The devil you know.
Tom Conlon: ...is better than the devil you don't.

Brendan Conlon: C'mon, it's not as bad as it looks.
Principal Zito: Are you being literal or figurative? Because literally it looks bad. And figuratively it looks even worse. The superintendent's coming by in a few minutes. So gimme a little help here, Brendan. Can you explain to me what the hell you were doing?
Brendan Conlon: I need the money, Joe.
Principal Zito: Yeah, but we can't have this. This isn't moonlighting at Applebee's for Christ's sake.

Continuity mistake: The wound that Brendan got on his left cheek after his first fight changes angle and length the next day.


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