Warrior (2011)

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Tommy and Brendan both proceed to the final round of the tournament. Tommy yells at his father, Paddy, breaking his heart. Paddy gets drunk after thee years of being sober, but Tommy finally forgives him. Tommy saved a solider in the Marines but went AWOL and will be detained by the Military Police after the final fight. In the fight Brendan breaks Tommy's left shoulder. Brendan whispers that he loves his brother. Tommy backs down and they walk out of the arena together as Paddy watches, crying.


Continuity mistake: After Brendan throws off Koba's guillotine he goes in an arm bar trapping Koba's right arm, however when Koba slips out Brendan is shown pinning his left arm instead.


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Paddy Conlon: The devil you know.
Tom Conlon: ...is better than the devil you don't.

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