Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
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Catherine: You owe me, big time dog.
Diggs: Yeah, about what I said before about liking cats.
Catherine: Never happened.
Diggs: Thank you.

Seamus: We're on an epic quest, through foreign lands, learning about each other, and little about ourselves.

Diggs: Alright team, we got work to do.
Butch: You're not going anywhere.
Diggs: What? Why not?
Butch: Because you don't have your new collar... Agent.
Seamus: Go ahead with you bad self, Bling.
Lou: You guys ready to do this?
Catherine: Work with a bunch of dogs again? How could I say no.
Seamus: Absolutely! Wait we're talking about lunch right?
Diggs: Alright team, Lets go kick some tail.

Diggs: You wanna bite something pal? Bite this.

Catherine: Nice try Kitty, but there are a lot of dogs in this world, what are you going to do? Go door to door with your little sound? It would take you the rest of your nine lives.
Kitty Galore: That's true, unless I had a... satellite!, why do you think I'm been telling you all this? I got time to kill until my satellite is in position, then, Once I beam the signal, It will instantly broadcast from every TV, radio and cell phone on earth.

Lou: Tab Lazenby. So you're the new fat cat at meows. And by that, I mean you should really switch to skimmed milk.
Tab Lazenby: Oh, Lou, so catty. I see they've given you the key to the executive dumpster. All that butt-sniffing finally paid off.

Diggs: I love bein' a spy dog.

Butch: Team, huddle up.
Diggs: It's go time.
Catherine: Save the dogs, save the world.
Butch: First thing to do, get on top of that ride.
Seamus: Yes! Wait is there a height requirement for this ride?

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Shane and Diggs arrive at the hostage site Shane sticks a toothpick into his mouth. However, in the next shot the toothpick is missing.

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