Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Shane and Diggs arrive at the hostage site Shane sticks a toothpick into his mouth. However, in the next shot the toothpick is missing.

Factual error: In the part near the end of the movie where the agents are told that they must push a kill switch to thwart Kitty Galore's satellite launch, Butch says "Look - that red button! It looks like an off switch." Butch is a dog, which means he is color blind. Doubly odd as in the first film Butch does mention that he is colorblind and cannot identify a red wire when he tries to diffuse a bomb the Russian cat attached to the lab door.


Continuity mistake: Catherine has green eyes throughout most of the film, but in one short scene towards the end, she has orange/amber eyes.

Lou: Tab Lazenby. So you're the new fat cat at meows. And by that, I mean you should really switch to skimmed milk.
Tab Lazenby: Oh, Lou, so catty. I see they've given you the key to the executive dumpster. All that butt-sniffing finally paid off.

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