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Corrected entry: When Jay falls to his knees outside the Diamond Exchange and cries "Justice." The choir-like singing says "Justice is dead, or so Jay thinks." Very relevant lyrics.

troy fox

Correction: Without a reason why the lyrics are especially relevant, it is too balatantly obvious to be considered trivia.

28th Oct 2003

Family Guy (1999)

Correction: So similar in fact, that it is the whole reason they had Stewie doing it in the first place. The sequence is a spoof of William Shatner's performance. Pointing out jokes in the show cannot be classed as trivia.

12th Jan 2004

New Jack City (1991)

Corrected entry: When everyone is in the club, counting down new year as the DJ announces that it is midnight the clock around his neck shows there are still a couple of minutes to go.

troy fox

Correction: Character mistake not a movie mistake. Flavor Flav could be looking at a more accurate clock like on TV or elsewhere.

William Bergquist

21st May 2005

Sex and the City (1998)

Show generally

Corrected entry: During the open credits we see the bus splashing Carrie has her poster on it. Her head on the poster is facing the left of the screen, but in the Season One episode where the bus makes its debut the poster is reversed, with Carries head on the right side.

troy fox

Correction: The newspaper ad people reversed the picture. Not unusual.

19th Jul 2005

Phoenix Nights (2001)

Season 1 Episode 5 - S1-E5

Corrected entry: During the introductions in Robot Wars Brian asks a man if that is his robot, the man says something like "the correct term is an automaton." This is actually incorrect. An automaton is programmed with tasks to do, and does them when he thinks they are necessary according to his programming, but a robot such as the one in the episode has no intelligence of its own and only responds to commands from the controller.

troy fox

Correction: Automaton and robot can be interchangeable terms:


Show generally

Corrected entry: During Season 2 we see that after Angelus has killed Drusilla, but before she has risen, he is cursed. However in later seasons it is shown that the two of them, as well as Darla and Spike, wreak havoc all across Europe, so somehow the time line was changed just to further a storyline.

troy fox

Correction: Angel is cursed well after Drusilla and Spike are made into vampires. The woman Angel is shown killing right before he gets cursed is a gypsy, not Drusilla.

29th Nov 2004

Red Dwarf (1988)

Back To Reality - S5-E6

Corrected entry: After the crew recover from the Despair Squid and Kryten is telling everyone why they where who they were in the hallucination he said that Rimmer was half-brother with Lister so that he [Rimmer] could not blame his parents and upbringing for his failures as his brother was successful. This makes no sense as Rimmer really does have three brother who all went on to become successful graduates of the Space Corp, yet he does still blame his parents,so his despair hallucination is flawed.

troy fox

Correction: Rimmer's despair hallucination does take on many elements of his real existence, but it amplifies them even further - in the hallucinatory 'reality', his brother is apparently one of the most powerful people in the world, while he himself appears to be a down-and-out - in the real world he at least had employment, even if it wasn't exactly a great job. As we see in "Terrorform", Rimmer's self-loathing is pretty high anyway - the hallucination merely took that and boosted it to the point where he would commit suicide.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When the bus driver reaches out to touch the four pronged spike thing that punctured the tire she barely touches it and cuts her hand, but the man who touches it next pulls on it hard to remove it from the tire and doesn't get cut, and he has his hand around the same part that cut the bus driver.

troy fox

Correction: They don't grab it in the same place. The driver grasps one of the prongs and gets cut. The next man holds it not by the prongs but the grip in the center, which is not sharp. His palm touches the flat part of the prong and isn't cut while he pulls it out. He continues to hold it very gingerly so the prongs don't cut him while they examine it.


26th Oct 2004

Red Dwarf (1988)

Better Than Life - S2-E2

Corrected entry: In this episode Rimmer receives a letter telling him his father is dead, however in an earlier episode he said that his father committed suicide. He already knew his father was dead, so why was he so shocked by the letter? And for that matter, why did his mother tell him his father was dead?

troy fox

Correction: He says "...before that rather unfortunate suicide business." The joke in it is that Rimmer's Father was saying that with a short haircut, you can handle anything, but then something came up and he obviously couldn't deal with it so he attempted suicde. Rimmer doesn't actually say that his father killed himself, just "unfortunate suicide business" which could mean he attempted suicide, but failed. It's a long shot, but possible, especially when considering Rimmer's usual poor choice of words and his tendancy to crave attention/lie about his family.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When Steve Martin ends up covered in breakfast just after trying to catch Beans there is a piece of toast on his right shoulder. When you first see it it is on the front of his shirt, but then the shot changes and when it comes back to him the toast is at the back of his shoulder. (00:09:30)

troy fox

Correction: It does not move it just looks like it is different becuse the camera is not as close as the previous shot. It is still in the same spot.

Bowling255 Premium member

Halloween - S2-E6

Corrected entry: When the gang are in Buffy's house and she sees the picture of herself standing alone, instead of saying the line "I would never wear that low apparel" she fluffs her line and said "I would never wear this that low apparel" The shot changes between the words "this" and "that" so it looks like they tried to cut out the mistake in words but didn't succeed. (00:26:30)

troy fox

Correction: The line, written with pauses, goes "I would never wear this. That low apparel...", at which point Buffy trails off in disbelief. It isn't a fluffed line, it is an attempt to convey confusion delivered a little too fast.


Show generally

Corrected entry: It has been stated that Joss mentioned Buffy burning down her old school's Gym even though it was never shown in the movie of BtVS to have proper continuity with the original script. But one thing he seemed to totally neglect from the original story is that Buffy gets "cramps" when a Vampire is near. This served as a warning for movie Buffy but TV show Buffy could walk right past one and not feel anything. It seems the only reason this decision was made is to make it easier to get into danger and have more exciting shows.

troy fox

Correction: It's mentioned in Welcome to the Hellmouth that there is a method Slayers can use to detect vampires in the area, but it apparently takes training and discipline that Buffy simply doesn't devote to it. Even Kendra, the ideal Slayer who completes all her studies, hasn't mastered this skill. Also in the movie: vampires don't turn to dust, can fly, need to be invited into any building whatsoever, and Buffy was a senior. Clearly they're not meant to be totally contiguous.


24th Mar 2004

Phoenix Nights (2001)

Season 1 Episode 3 - S1-E3

Corrected entry: Brian is telling Keith Lard about when he was at the gym and he got his car clamped. This wouldn't have happened as his car is a Disability car and it is against the law to clamp them.

troy fox

Correction: I work for Westminster Council, and on an average day we deal with about THIRTY disabled badge holders who have had their cars ticketed, clamped or even impounded. It shouldn't happen, but it does.

14th Apr 2004

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Corrected entry: The Zombie virus is spread through saliva, if you get bitten you will turn, where as if your blood mixes with a Zombie's you won't turn (such as happened with Ving and the Zombie when they first entered the Mall) How then did the Russian woman's baby become a Zombie? Only blood and elements carried in the blood cross the placenta (meaning come into contact with the baby). A mother's saliva goes nowhere near the baby while it is in the uterus so the baby should have been healthy and alive, not Zombiefied.

troy fox

Correction: When the Russian woman was bitten, the zombie's saliva would have entered the bloodstream, otherwise she would never have turned into a zombie. You said it yourself, only blood goes into the placenta. Well the saliva was in the bloodstream and would've eventually made it to her unborn baby.

Corrected entry: When Denethor has set himself on fire he runs from the room and outside before throwing himself from the tower, from the view he would have had to run quite a distance, maybe even half a mile. This is impossible, he is drenched in oil and blazing, he would be dead before he made it that far.

troy fox

Correction: Denethor had adrenaline rushing through his veins so he did have the power to run the distance.

20th Nov 2003

Bruce Almighty (2003)

Corrected entry: Bruce couldn't make Grace walk toward him in the playground due to free will, so how is it possible that he could make the other anchorman talk gibberish? He didn't want to say those things, therefore his free will was violated.

troy fox

Correction: Bruce didn't make him say anything, he just interfered with the physical process of speech. Therefore, free will was not violated.

J I Cohen

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